A Life in the Day
S3E05 07 Queen Margo Wedding
Original Air date February 7, 2018
Written by Mike Moore
Directed by John Scott
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A Life in the Day is the fifth episode of Season 3 of The Magicians. It is also the thirty-first episode overall.


Julia helps Alice navigate a personal crisis; Quentin and Eliot go on an adventure.[1]


Alice Quinn visits Kady Orloff-Diaz in a meeting room of a mental hospital, which Kady says is where they put addicts without insurance. Alice has the Truth Key; she gives it to Kady, and leaves so she and Penny can have a private conversation. Penny is glad to be not dead, and happy to help her. Kady is upset that he's acting like this is good news, she tried to save him but failed, and it broke her, and she needs to put herself back together without him. As part of her rant, she says if she could, she'd kill him.

At the Cottage, Eliot Waugh has sent Fen and Fray with Todd to visit New York. For now, Quentin Coldwater says the next chapter in the book says there is a mosaic to make in Fillory, they must use tiles "to create a design that reflects the beauty of all life," which Jane Chatwin used to get a key.

At Whitespire, Tick Pickwick has collected some of the powder the fairies are allergic to, but they need more. The Fairy Queen summons Margo to the throne room, where it looks like a festival is being prepared. The Fairy Queen hands Margo an ornate eyepatch: "Consider this a wedding gift." Margo is to marry a prince of the Tribe of the Floating Mountain, which no longer floats since magic died; although she declines, the Fairy Queen says this is a command.

Quentin says the clock the Chatwins had was, or is, a portal, once they wind it, but there is no keyhole. As they discuss this, a bunny appears, saying "At Castle. Getting Married." Eliot wonders if that was Margo. Another bunny appears: "Need help now dickwads" They're sure it was Margo, but then they see a keyhole has appeared on the clock. They put in the First Key, turn it, and the clock glows like a portal; they think to gather friends, when the key pops out, and they realize they have no time. They pick up the key and step through the portal.

They find themselves in a forest near Whitespire, and immediately they sense the magic they were used to. But Whitespire doesn't look like they remember it, there are fewer spires, and one is under construction that the book says was made decades before the Chatwins arrived. They're years in the past.

Quentin says that Jane Chatwin tried to do the mosiac, but she was too late, someone else had already solved it before her; he wonders if that someone else is us. They walk a little, and find a shack, outside of which is an old man sitting in front of a mosiac with a few tiles in, and more tiles scattered around. The old man stalks away, saying "it's all yours". They collect and sort the tile colors: 784 tiles, 15 colors. They wonder how this can represent "The Beauty of All Life." There are a lot of possible combinations.

At Whitespire, Margo meets the Agate Grey, the Stone Queen of the Tribe of the Floating Mountain, mother of the groom. She tells Margo the Fairy Queen is also coercing them into this, so they can't delay. Her son, Prince Fomar, a teenager carrying a whip, arrives; Margo, thinking him her groom, immediately rejects him, but it turns out he's the groom's younger brother. Prince Micah, the groom, is a gorgeous young man, and Margo is swept off her feet.

Quentin and Eliot have been trying patterns in the mosaic, and none seem to have any effect. They argue about what pattern they need, and continue working.

In the Cottage, Julia Wicker is researching, and Alice meets her. Suddenly Alice's eyes turn white. Alice says "Alice needs your help. Help her, Julia." Alice returns to normal, and Julia says let's go for a drink.

At Whitespire, Margo and Prince Micah exchange wedding vows, and just as they are done an axe swings and cuts off Prince Micah's head. Prince Fomar steps out, drops the axe, and say we'll continue the wedding with me, as per custom. Tick explains it is customary, when a tragedy befalls a royal wedding, for the surviving sibling to take over. The Fairy Queen insists the wedding go on.

Quentin and Eliot are still working, they've been working a while. More working. They celebrate 14 days. More patterns. Their relationship is working better. A girl, Arielle, walks by selling peaches, along with her lover Lunk. Quentin and Eliot celebrate the first year of work, and are clearly lovers. Arielle says she's broken up with Lunk. Eliot and Quentin have discord. Quentin and Arielle become a couple, have a baby. More work. The baby is a boy. Quentin grieving over Arielle's death. Their grown son leaves home, blessed by his two gray-bearded fathers. More work. They now have white beards. Work.

Eliot dies. Quentin prepares Eliot for burial. As he starts to dig the grave, he comes across a tile hidden in the ground. At this point their mosaic is all white. Quentin places the new tile in the middle of the mosaic, there's a glow of magic, and a key arises from the middle of the mosaic. Quentin picks it up, and just then young Jane Chatwin walks in. She says that the dwarves made her a watch, it's terribly important, but she needs that key to power it. Quentin says, it sort of took us a while. Jane needs it because the dwarves said if things get too bad, this watch could fix it. Quentin understands: it's to create time loops, you'll need it. He gives her the key.

At Whitespire, Margo is opening wedding presents. She is using any excuse not to have sex with Prince Fomar, and one is that she has to open all of the wedding presents. One is a basket of peaches, with an envelope: "From Q". Inside the envelope is the First Key, and a note: "I arranged for this to be delivered at your wedding, Eliot and I are both dead, the Quest sent us to the past, we led full good lives and we took the Quest as far as we could, and now there's something that we need you to do."

In Fillory, Margo arrives in the Clock Barrens to find Jane Chatwin. Jane says she died on the linear plane, but in the Barrens no time passes, allowing her to exist at all times at the same time. Margo tells Jane that Quentin had said Jane possessed one of the Golden Keys, prompting Jane to reveal her pocket watch is powered by the key, which also keeps the Clock Barrens stable. Jane then sends Margo to find her body on the linear plane, where she'll find the key with her body at Brakebills.

Suddenly, we're back at the scene in the Cottage as Quentin and Eliot are about to activate the clock, Eliot almost puts the First Key into the keyhole and ... Margo calls out: "Wait!" She has the First Key, and also the Third Key, in her hand. Eliot looks down at his hand, and the First Key is no longer there.

Julia and Alice are drinking in a bar. Julia guesses that her magic is a side effect of Our Lady Underground restoring her Shade, but she doesn't really know. Alice suggests Julia hold the Truth Key and look in a mirror nearby. Julia does so, sees something horrifying ... and she's someplace else, with Our Lady Underground.

Our Lady Underground says Julia's magic is from a seed she planted in her, and Our Lady has continued to guide her. Julia says she saw Reynard's eyes in the mirror, and Our Lady says that's because the seed came from him. Julia is horrified to have that rapist's seed in her, again, but Our Lady says it doesn't matter where it came from, what matters is what Julia does with it, and the power isn't his, it's Julia's. Then Julia is back in the bar.

Back at the bar, Julia is still horrified at the source of her magic. Alice says she'd give anything to have magic back, and asks if Julia could give it to her.

At the mental hospital, a doctor confronts Kady with a video taken of her (talking to Penny) earlier in the episode, where Kady said "she'd kill him" (to Penny). The doctor says she was making a threat, and she's a danger to herself and others, so they have to keep her confined.

Back at Whitespire, Eliot and Quentin are sitting together. Eliot picks up a peach from the basket Quentin sent Margo, takes a bite ... and they both seem to have a deja vu of the lifetime they spent together, making the mosaic.


In "The Losses of Magic", Julia was accosted by a homeless woman with glowing white eyes who passed on a mysterious message. In "Be the Penny", Todd had the same glowing white eyes and gave her another message. Those seem to be Our Lady Underground's guidance.



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