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Alice Quinn
Alice Quinn2
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Age 18 (debut)
Relatives Charlie Quinn (brother)
Physical Information
Race Human
Niffin (former)
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark
Occupation Magician
School Brakebills
House Physical
Discipline Phosphoromancy

Alice Quinn is a talented and natural magician whom Quentin meets while attending Brakebills. They are in the same year, and they both study the same discipline once their specialty areas are decided.


Alice is a rather classy dressed girl to go with her smarts with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, she also wears glasses and a necklace that looks like a old fashioned pocket watch.


Alice is a quiet girl when Quentin first meets her, and is painfully shy around others. She only starts coming out of her shell when she, Quentin, and Penny are forced to study together after being allowed to skip ahead a year.

Magic and Abilities

Alice has extraordinary powers, but it turns out that she was not invited to take the examination to attend Brakebills like her other classmates. This is tied directly to a dark secret that her family and Brakebills have kept hidden.

Alice's discipline pertains to manipulating light. This is known as Phosphormancy. She lives with Quentin and the other Physicals while at Brakebills and later in New York, following graduation.


Alice never received an invitation from Brakebills to take their entrance exams, so she traveled to upstate New York and was able to get through the wards of the school. Impressed, the faculty allowed Alice to take the Entrance Exams, which she passed and she was admitted into the school. 

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