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Alice Quinn
Alice Quinn2
Biographical Information
Also known as Alice
Status Alive
Age 18 (debut)
Relatives Charlie Quinn (brother)
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Blue (former)
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Magician
School Brakebills
Discipline Group Physical
Discipline Phosphoromancy
Organizations Physical Kids
Brakebills (former)
First Appearance The Magicians
Last Appearance The Magician's Land

Alice Quinn is a talented, natural magician whom Quentin meets while attending Brakebills. They are in the same year, and they both study the same discipline once their specialty areas are decided.


Alice is a rather classy dressed girl to go with her smarts with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes. she also wears glasses and a necklace that looks like an old fashioned pocket watch.


Alice is a quiet girl when Quentin first meets her, and is painfully shy around others.

She only starts coming out of her shell when she, Quentin, and Penny are forced to study together after being allowed to skip ahead a year, which results in her opening up to Quentin, and eventually gets into a relationship with him. She still retains a introspective side, but is able to communicate with the Physical Kids despite this. This asocial aspect was created by an abusive relationship with her parents. Her magical curiosity is often satisfied by her reading habits, and sharpens her intelligence and power.

After Quentin's betrayal, she lashes out in anger and revengeful personality which deeply hurts him. Her lack of action also led to a conversation with him, during which he encourages her to act more on her will. This ultimately leads to her becoming a niffin when defending her friends from Martin Chatwin.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magician: Alice is a magician of great power and knowledge years above her age. Alice was never invited to take the examination to attend Brakebills like her classmates, instead she broke through Brakebills' wards and impressed its faculty. It is noted that, unlike Eliot, her power does not come by talent, but through hard work and intelligence. After college, her power is unleashed when battling The Beast, as well as other smaller examples, such as creating her own strain of battle magic, alongside Penny. She taught herself during her childhood, through reading, but was classically trained by Brakebills. She learned quickly being the first to move and alter the glass marble in her first year, and was the best all throughout her college education, with the exception of her second year, and half of the third, only surpassed by Amanda Orloff. As a human, she never went full force on her casting, due to fear, but when battling Martin Chatwin in Ember's Temple, and pushed too far, becoming a Niffin.
    • Phosphoromancy: Alice's discipline is manipulation of light, known as Phosphoromancy and explained by Quentin as a highly technical discipline. The most noticeable examples of her discipline are her usage of it as a magnifying glass to burn through the Cottage's door, and her final project in Brakebills to freeze a single photon in mid-air.
  • Niffin: As a niffin, Alice not only used magic, but became magic herself. Due to this, she was able to manipulate the time-space in order to mess with Plum's prank. She possessed the deepest understanding of magic possible to any creature, and even confessed to Quentin that she enjoyed it.


Early Life Edit

As a child, Alice was extremely neglected by her parents, almost never receiving affection which grew hate in her. She was, however, connected to her brother and deeply loved him, ending up grieving his death. Dean Fogg in embarrassment for the situation, didn't invite her to the Brakebills' exam; therefore, she traveled to upstate New York and was able to get through the wards of the school. Impressed, the faculty allowed Alice to take the Entrance Exams, which she passed and admitted her into the school. 

The Magicians Edit

After the first classes of the year, Quentin, Alice and Penny are allowed to skip into the second year directly, if they pass a complicated test. The three study together and, although Penny keeps to himself, Alice and Quentin bond strongly. In one of the nights they were studying, Quentin asks them if they wanna go to a walk, but Penny does not answer the question, so him and Alice departure alone to the Sea. Here, she opens up to him and tells her story of how she got to Brakebills, and why she went through that trouble: it was the last link to her brother. When the test arrived, Alice and Quentin got admitted to the second year, and left Penny behind, which infuriates him, leading to him punching Quentin and telling him and Alice were plotting behind him. While in her second year, they kept to each other, not fraternizing with their colleagues.

In their third year, the testing discovered her discipline to be Phosphoromancy, a technical discipline that allows her to manipulate light in various degrees. Upon testing, she was forwarded to the Physical Cottage, a Victorian style village house where the Physical Kids had seminars and where tutored by Bigby. However to enter the edification you had to somehow break through the door, which Quentin deduced to be using their disciplines. This way Alice used her arms to magnify the affect of sunlight on the door. After a long process, Alice successfully melted it and both were able to join the rest of the Physical Kids, which were Eliot Waugh, Janet Pluchinsky and Josh Hoberman, students in the forth year. Alice proceeds to apologize, but Janet explains to them that there was no other way to enter the Cottage, they had to destroy the door, so the new students could understand that Physical Magic is nasty and messy, but useful. Eliot also pointed out that Quentin and Alice ended up saving their discipline, because Fogg had threaten them that if their group hadn't had new students, they would be annexed to the naturalists. After some fraternization, Eliot made dinner and Quentin and Alice ended up becoming great friends with the rest of them. The Physical Kids spent most of their time together, having lectures and bonding in the Sea for the rest of the year.

During one class of Practical Applications, where they were talking about weather magic, Professor March asks Quentin about specifics of that class, which he is unable to answer. Deeply humiliated, Quentin proceeds to mess up March's spell, rendering Brakebills' wards. A man in a suit with his face covered by a branch appears in the room and freezes the entire class. Unable to move, the students were paralyzes in fear, but the most advanced student in the class, Amanda Orloff, breaks the incantation surrounding her and starts fighting agaisnt The Beast, as later referred to by Quentin, who fights back and eats her alive. This lasted a whole afternoon, and in the end, the Brakebills' faculty where able to banish the man, and set a mourning period for the lost student.

During this mourning period, the dean decided to revive Welters, a magical game where two teams competed to capture the most squares, through spell casting, in a chess like board, but with the size of a tennis court and each square represent a different set of circumstances. Alice and the Physical Kids formed a team, and, with training, they beat every other team.

When accepted to their fourth year, Alice grew insecure the so called "gap" of the year. In every year, half of the students from the fourth year disappear from September to December, and the other half from January to April. No one ever speaks what happens to them, but they return extremely tired and none of them talks much either way. When she arrived to Brakebills neither her nor Quentin disappear, but, in one night of January, both are taken out of their beds in the middle of their sleep, and sent to a courtyards in the top of one of the Brakebills' towers and are transformed into geese, flying all together and instinctively to Brakebills South, a replica of Brakebills but somewhere in Antarctica.

There they notice that Janet, Eliot and Josh are also there, because, in there year, The Beast attacked, therefore Fogg canceled the Brakebills South's period. This way, all the Physical Kids where there at the same time in a terrace, magically heated, waiting for Professor Mayakovsky. To their discontent, this professor was a Russian middle-aged man, that was very strict in his approach to teaching. While goofing around with each other, Mayakovsky prevented them from talking with a spell, gave them robes and told them to be a great magician, they most all be silent, and act through sheer force of will, no incantations. Then, he separated them in a solitary room, where they were going to live for the rest of their semester and gave them Legrand's Hammer Charm, a spell that ensured that a nail would go straight into a surface in a single smooth strike. He told that everybody had to practice that spell silently, with infinite circumstances, that included but were not limited to being a different gender, being in the surface of another planet (the moon), and in different times of the day. When finished, they had to do the exact opposite spell - Bujold's Sourcerous Nail Extraction - with all the circumstances, again. During break time, they were sent to the fields around Brakebills South, in the form of animals, such as polar bears and foxes. As a fox, Quentin and Alice ended up having sex for the first time. This leads to Quentin's realization of his love for Alice, but they don't got involved again during the semester due to Alice wanting to separate their emotions from animalistic lust. After finishing the nail work, the group of students had their silence spell lifted and proceeded to have classes with Mayakovsky every day, where they were tested almost everyday with great precision and control over their spell casting. During the final week at Brakebills South, every student was invited to a final test, which was walk from there to the center of the South Pole, without any help, and clothes. Only Alice and Quentin accepted that challenge, and both drove separate to their locations using different spells, but ultimately both succeeded, although Alice got there much earlier.

Back to Brakebills, Quentin and Alice start a relationship, much to the annoyance of everybody else, and started living in the dorms on the upper floor of the Cottage. It was during this chapter of their lives, that Janet decided to gossip about the story of Emily Greenstreet, a sad girl who got involved with a professor, and ended up trying a beauty spell which disfigured her, and when the boy who was in love tried to fix her, it got him killed. This story become historic to Brakebills, as Emily was the only person who ever voluntarily dropped her magical teaching. Alice was completely destroyed by this, because she realized the boy who died in the process was her brother, Charlie Quinn, something Janet realized to and intentionally told to story to hurt Alice.

During her final year at Brakebills, Eliot, Janet and Josh finished their graduation, therefore they left Brakebills, but new students were accepted to Physical group, which Alice and Quentin never got along. Alice decided to do a project to freeze a single photon in mid-air, but was never able to finish it. Upon graduation, all the Finns went to an underground subbasement, outside the wards, and pentagram tattoos were drawn on their backs which trapped a Cacodemon inside it, and would be able to release it at will.

After college, Alice and Quentin move to an apartment in New York, next to Eliot, Janet and Josh, where Quentin starts to get bored of his life and submerges into substance abuse, like cocaine, alongside Eliot. The Physical Kids were again together and had parties a lot of the times, which Alice tended to avoid, and stay home reading instead. It wasn't until one night, when the group got all together to celebrate for no other reason than not being bored, that they met Richard, another Physical Kid, that went to Brakebills before Quentin and Alice, but at the same time as the others. The table dinner was expensively decorated, with two ice swans animated by Janet's magic. Richard, who was heavily religious, got Alice interested in his talk but Eliot got upset by his views of a fatherly God who let humans play with His magic, and led him to drink a lot that night. While he was drunk, Alice went home, and Janet and Quentin helped Eliot get to bed. This, unfortunately, gave Quentin an opportunity to have sex with Janet, which he took, adding Eliot to the same equation.

Next morning, Alice discovered what happened, but when Quentin realized what he had done, it was too late. After only minutes, Penny gets into their house wanting to talk to all of them, including the Physical Kids, Richard and Anaïs, Josh's girlfriend. Penny starts a monologue, explaining that he found a button, that was able to transport all the others to The Neitherlands, and lastly to Fillory. The group is not convinced, but Penny explains them that through his discipline, Interdimensional Travel, he was able to confirm its veracity. During this monologue, Quentin notices that Janet seems tragically happy about breaking Alice and Quentin's relationship, and Alice's anger, as well has his own discomfort. When Penny challenged Quentin to use the button himself, so he could believe it, he refuses it, and Alice steps in calling him a pussy, and grabbing his arm as well as Penny's button, and both instantly travel to The Neitherlands. Here, Alice goes all the way to fight with Quentin who tells her how futile it is of her, when they are going to Fillory together and able to start all over again. Alice ignores this, and tells him that she's much more powerful than him, therefore she could destroy him, if she wanted to. The argument is interrupted by Penny, who is invested in showing them all he knew about The Neitherlands. When returning to Earth, the group decides to travel with Penny to Fillory, and all start to prepare for their departure. They took some time in a smaller village, so they could learn Battle Magic, that, alongside Penny, Alice developed her own spells of. Alice seemed to enjoy his presence, due to both being nerdy, but she has sex with him out of revenge for what Quentin has done. This sends Quentin in an enraged burst out but ends up getting motivated to departure with the group to Fillory, the next day.

While in Fillory, Alice seems to not enjoy it there, but keeps accompanying them. They find a river, populated by one of the fillorian Naiads, who warned them about a fight that was not theirs, and gave them a magical blowhorn that they should use when they needed help. After some time, the group decides to visit Ember's Temple, and after a lot of fighting, Alice and Quentin have the first talk since their relationship ended. She admits to him that she only came to Fillory to protect Quentin, not because she desired it, in fact, she was pretty happy with the life she had on Earth. Quentin, due to his immaturity, tells her that she needs to be act more, instead of being a coward. This deeply hurts Alice but she promises him she will do as he asks, but their relationship is over.

When the group finally encounters Ember, the ram was imprisoned in his tomb. Blinded by what the nymph had said, the group blows the horn, which infuriates the God, because he knew by doing so they were summoning Martin Chatwin, the kid from the Fillory and Further books, and the same beast who invaded Brakebills' years ago. Though, even knowing this, Martin was deformed: he had about 12 fingers, he was a cannibal and could easily defeat Ember with one gesture. In panic, Penny tries to battle him, who devours his hands. After some explanations, Alice decides to step in when Martin ate Quentin's shoulder and left him to die, which she responds with powerful magic. Martin could barely keep up due to Alice's rage, and Eliot and Janet backed her up with some extra spells. In the end, the final strike against the Beast was Alice transforming in a being of pure magic, dying in the process, killing him and disappearing into thin air.

Although she had no more action during the rest of the book, her death was Quentin's motivation to get out of the Retreat (which he had been for a long time, due to his injuries) and hunt The White Stag, so he could wish her back to life, unsuccessfully, which led him to Earth, isolated from everybody else.

The Magician King Edit

Alice does not appear in this book, however Quentin thinks a lot about her--something that extends to The Magician's Land.