Bigby is a former professor that taught a course centered around Battle Magic at Brakebills from the 60s to the 90s, during which time she was in a relationship with Henry Fogg.


Due to the high mortality rate that occurred in the Battle Magic course, Bigby was asked to stop teaching it by the Brakebills High Council. Her knowledge turned out to be very useful in defeating The Beast.


"Professor Bigby was brilliant, impatient, stubborn, and mercurial. And a 500-year-old Pixie who more or less saw humans as children to be toyed with."
Henry Fogg[src]

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Magic and Abilities

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  • Bigby's name is a refrence to a wizard from Dungeons and Dragons' Greyhawk setting. Several wizard spells in the D&D Player's Handbook also bear Bigby's name, such as Bigby's Grasping Hand and Bigby's Crushing Fist, among others.
    • Bigby's spells in Dungeons and Dragons all involve hands, similar to the spells cast in the Magicians using Tutting.