"This school exists for a single and timeless purpose: to reveal your innate abilities and hone them to the highest degree. Now, what you do with it after that is entirely up to you. If you want to take over the world, we don't teach that, but give it a go."
Henry Fogg[src]

Brakebills University, also known as Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, or simply Brakebills, is the premier institution for the study of magic in North America, and even, arguably, the Northern Hemisphere. Since it's establishment in 1763, Brakebills has been the standard-bearer of American magical society, and has given rise to generation after generation of Magicians.

Brakebills students learn from a faculty composed of the world's greatest Magicians in every area, gain invaluable practical experiences via its vast alumni resources, and go on to successful careers in a wide array of magical fields.


Early History

Brakebills was founded in 1763.[1]

In the 1930s, a demand for international learning lead to Brakebills importing professors from around the world. One of these professors was Dean Mayakovsky, the father of Mischa Mayakovsky.


The Brakebills admission process is extremely selective. Prospective students do not apply, but are instead selected via a highly attuned detection process designed to identify individuals with magical potential. Following a period of examination and observation, those selected are then invited to take the Brakebills Entrance Exam.


Brakebills offers a three-year graduate program that provides its students with a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of magic, while guiding them to specialize in the Discipline best suited to their unique skills. Students study a wide array of subjects in couses that include:

Students also take a course at Brakebill's satellite campus in Antarctica, Brakebills South, a unique and vital program during which spellcasting becomes second nature to these Magicians.

Each year, students are offered invaluable resources in the form of Alumni Mentorship, as illustrious Brakebills graduates of years past return to grace the next generation with their wisdom. In studying with and shadowing their mentors, students learn in greater depth about a field that particularly interests them, and explore potential career opportunities for their futures as Magicians in the working world.


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Brakebills Magicians form strong community bonds within their Disciplines, often choosing to live in houses with their peers.

Brakebills Houses
Name Physical Natural Knowledge Illusion Healing Psychic
House colours Black and White Maroon and Brown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Description You can bend physics to your will, and possess great fortitude of mind, magic, and liver. Contrary to popular belief, mixology is not a formal part of this Discipline. You’re very grounded, poised to harness the Earth’s innate power. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people start asking you to grow them weed. Thanks to intellectual explorers like you, magic is constantly growing and changing. Invest in vitamin D and a tanning bed - you won't get out much. Cloaking, invisibility, and projections that will make the CIA look like amateurs. You’re a great liar, as is everyone in your Discipline. Have fun with that. Some of medicine’s greatest advancements came from Healers like you—polio and smallpox vaccines, erectile dysfunction medication, x­ray technology, you name it. Next up, eternal life. You hear voices, and no, you're not insane (at least not for that reason). Fair warning, older Psychics sometimes "inception" first years as a hazing prank.
House The Cottage A large treehouse somewhere in the forest; it's 'bigger on the inside.' The attic above the Brakebills Library, although with much more luxury than one would think. The Illusionists Castle, an invisible, floating castle located somewhere within the Sea. Brakebills' Infirmary An undisclosed building on campus, where Psychics go to expand their minds through meditation and recreational drugs.
Notable Members Quentin Coldwater, Eliot Waugh, Margo Hanson, Alice Quinn, Todd, Bigby Josh Hoberman Julia Wicker, Henry Fogg Plum Purchas Faye, Professor Lipson William Adiyodi, Victoria Gradley


Main House

Commonly referred to as the House, this building is the main compound where students attend their classes. The House is also home to a number of rooms that have since been warded off due to them being uninhabitable after a number of mishaps at the hands of students. One such room is so perfectly warded that its effects cannot be undone.[2]

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a popular hangout site for students.

The Sea

Officially named Seagrave's Lawn after the Dean who cleared it. Also called the Sea or the Grave.

The Maze

The Maze is a large hedge maze that separates the House from the Sea. Its hedges are topiary animals that move albeit imperceptibly. They are composed mainly of large mammals such as bears and elephants, though some are unrecognizable. The Maze also contains half a dozen fountains named after former deans.

School Life

Coat of Arms

Bee and Key Transparent

The school's coat of arms is a golden bee and a golden key on a black background dotted with tiny silver stars, called the "key-and-bee" by students.


The school's only sport is a game called Welters. A championship was held during the students' attempts at gaining mentors, which was won by the Physical Kids against the Naturals. The school's champions joined an international tournament but were defeated in all of their games.


The campus of Brakebills is protected by many protection spells and wards. Most of the spells, however, were never updated since being erected, and thus the school can easily be found with a Revelation Charm. One of the wards that protect the school is a basic camouflage spell meant to hide the school from uninvited civilians. Ever since the 1950s, time under the camouflage spell passes out of sync with the rest of the world, so time at Brakebills is a couple of months behind the rest of New York. This includes the seasons, and Brakebills holiday schedule follows their own time. If a civilian happens to stumble upon the Brakebills campus, they are not part of the camouflage and thus, stay in the season of the outside world. Another one of the spells includes a ward to keep out evil or demonic entities.


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