Template:Character Infobox Charlie Quinn was the older brother of Alice. He was a student of Brakebills. Grossman doesn't literally say the precise cause of his death but it is assumed that he turned into a niffin. In the 'The Magicians' Janet tells the Physical Kids a story about the first girl who left Brakebills voluntarily, Emily Greenstreet. The story says that Emily used to date a Brakebills professor. When the professor stopped dating her she got mad. A boy who was in love with Emily tried to console her. Emily decided to use magic to make herself more beautiful. The boy helped her cast this magic but due to a mistake the boy turned into a niffin. The professor who dated Emily was given two options - to leave Brakebills with disgrace or Be a professor at Brakebills South in Antarctica. After the narration of the story by Janet, Alice becomes sad and leaves. When Quentin asks her the cause of her unhappiness she responds that the story was true and the boy who loved Emily Greenstreet was her brother Charlie Quinn as the occurrence of both the events - Charlie's death and Emily's departure - match. The professor who dated Emily is supposedly Professor Mayakovsky who is current professor of Brakebills South. When Alice became human after seven years of life as a niffin she tells Quentin she looked for her brother everywhere but couldn't find him.