"Care to take a visit? Make some notes?"
I'm sorry. But you're acting like I'm asking you. Whereas I am a god and you are a hairless monkey. So nod and say thank you."
"All right. Let's go to the pocket world formerly known as Cuba.
Umber and Quentin[src]
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Cuba was the name of a new world in progress created by the Fillorian God of Order, Umber. The name was set to be changed, however, upon Umber learning there was a place already called Cuba. The world was in the shape of a cube, hence its name, and held within a small snow globe that fit in Umbers palm. Umber considered it 'a pocket world'.

Appearance Edit

Designed to be completely perfect by Umber, Cuba was a sterile world that featured a completely symmetrical city full of buildings with modern furniture and pale florescent lighting. A mix of flat tones and straight angles, the world was devoid of any variation. Even its planetary shape was that of a cube, hence its name. However, despite it's apparent perfection, Umber felt that it was missing a crucial element. Quentin Coldwater, when asked, stated that the element it had been missing was chaos.