Dragons are giant primordial winged, fire-breathing creatures of immense arcane knowledge, typically with a reptilian and avian physiognomy. Widely regarded as terrifying yet awe-inspiring, they are highly intelligent due to their accumulated knowledge over the years and can be found all over the world in rivers and canals.

Physical traits Edit

Dragons have different physical traits in mythology but are normally more close to the culturally known European dragon. They have a lizard-like body with scaled skin and a pair of wings. Their size and weight in the series are described as equal to that of a lorry, and their heads are big enough to eat humans whole. The New York Dragon possessed bright golden, slit pupil eyes that are shown to glow in darkness. Their voices resonate very deeply, almost sub-bass like, while smoke is sometimes produced when they speak verbally.

Habitat Edit

Dragons generally live in rivers, although sometimes they habit saltier waters, like the Venice dragon. Although capable and known for eating humans, it's not frequent to happen. Most of them collect ancient objects or magically powerful ones. Most of the times they are asleep, but if humans desire to interact with a dragon, he wakes up by choice.

In the show, there's a dragon in the channels below New York, and she collects baby teeth and other meaningless objects. The dragon was able to send Quentin and Julia to the Underworld as a favor and states in the show that he will eat Julia and Quentin if both don't travel back by morning.

Magic and abilities Edit

Dragons are known for possessing great magical knowledge, accumulated through the years. They also breathe fire and have immense physical strength, as well magical resistance. Most, if not all, of them, can breathe underwater.

Known Dragons Edit

Dragons are stated to live in rivers all over the world and are typically named after the river they dwell in. The known, or otherwise identified, dragons include:

  • The Thames Dragon
  • The Venice Dragon
  • The New York Dragon (TV)

Quotes Edit

"I have lived in this canal for ten centuries. Everything that enters it is mine. I have swords and crowns. I have popes and saints and kings and queens. I have brides on their wedding day and children on Christmas. I have the Holy Lance and the noose that hung Judas. I have every lost thing."
— Venice Dragon to Quentin Coldwater[src]
"Your bodies will stay here, and your souls will travel. You have 24 hours to return to the portal."
"I sit patiently, waiting for you to come back. No, I eat you. I'm a fucking dragon. What did you expect?
—New York Dragon and Julia Wicker


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