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Eliot Waugh is a Physical student at Brakebills University and the High King of Fillory.


Early Life

Eliot was born in Whiteland, Indiana and attended Suny Purchase with a major in The Most Liberal of Arts. He grew up on a farm with a violently homophobic father. He also discovered his telekinetic powers when he killed a boy who bullied him at the age of 14. He also participated in a production of Les Misérables, in which he played Jean Valjean.

Sometime after attending high school, Eliot was invited to sit the entrance exam to Brakebills University to which he passed and a short while later, identified as a Physical Kid. At some point, he met Margo, whom he is extremely close friends with.


A tall boy with a slim thin physique and pale skin. Often wears formal clothing and has dark curly wavy hair. 


"I'm in too. I heard the word illegal"

Eliot is a raver, always ready to toast in the company of friends with his famous cocktails. Eliot actually hides a melancholy and a loneliness that contrast sharply with the serene and carefree false appearance that he gives of himself. Near the end of Season 1, he begins a relationship with Mike, a graduate student. However, Mike is actually possessed by the Beast, who tries to use a blade to kill Quentin. After Mike kills Eliza and attempts to kill Dean Fogg, Eliot is left with no choice but to magically snap his neck. This heavily affects him the rest of the season, as he begins to drink and take more drugs than usual.

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Eliot is a classically trained magician from Brakebills, as well as a Physical disciple. Eliot is older than Quentin, and has been practicing his magic longer, giving him a slight edge over Quentin in terms of experience. Eliot also seems to have an in-depth understanding of many magical spells and possesses a high aptitude for performing them, making him slightly above average in power at Brakebills University. Eliot has demonstrated his ability to perform complex and powerful spells more than once, such as summoning a miniature lightning ball[2], adequately utilizing combat spells[3][4], and moving between Fillory and Earth through the use of a Golem.[5]
    • Telekinesis: As one of the Physical Kids, Eliot is known to possess telekinesis, which first manifested for him when he accidentally killed his high school bully.[6]
    • Battle Magic: Due to the looming threat of The Beast, Eliot, Penny, and the rest of the Physical Kids taught themselves rudimentary Battle Magic with a little help from Kady. As Battle Magic requires years to master, the group took the shortcut to quicken the process by suppressing their emotions in magical flasks. After becoming more affiliated with Battle Magic, Eliot no longer needed to bottle up his emotions, as shown when battling with King Idri of Loria, enchanting his sword to imbue him with the skill of a master sword fighter.


  • Gifted Intellect: Eliot is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, Eliot possesses an at least Above Average level of intelligence that enables him to utilize the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world.
    • Multilingual: Eliot, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spellcasting.
    • Skilled Leader: Eliot, as the High King of Fillory, is a natural leader, although he struggled in the beginning of his reign due to not wanting to grow up and feeling that his place was on Earth. However, he ultimately found meaning in assuming the crown, and took responsibility for Fillory as a kingdom. His skills as a ruler developed slowly, but he was able to great achievements as solving agricultural flaws, evading a war, and better communication with Loria. Eliot tends to be more impulsive and irrational in decision-making than his fellow High Queen Margo which becomes a disadvantage.
  • Skilled Swordsman: Eliot, with the help of a spell and sword created by Fen's grandfather, was able to battle Idri, the king of Loria, a swordsman well known for winning and successfully killing 14 duelists. In time, he became more adapt at it without invoking Ember and Umber's power, as noted by what he says to Idri while attempting to save Fillory.
  • Mixologist: Eliot is known for brewing the best cocktails at Brakebills University, a skill that became useful when he and Margo created a potion to summon a Djinn, albeit inadvertently.



Margo Hanson

Eliot and Margo are described as inseparable, becoming symbiotic to each other. They met in their first year, as he didn't know anything about her before that time, and Margo describes him as the only person she can stand.

Margo and Eliot before the declaration of war agaisnt Loria

During the time they were at Brakebills, Margo and Eliot were seen as party royalty and male chasers. Margo also seemed to prevent Eliot from overdosing on drugs, and keeping him grounded when needed, a trait observable even post-Brakebills time. Eliot, on the other hand, always uplifted Margo's self-esteem, showcased in complimenting her after difficult events as the probability spell or when crowning her. The nickname "Bambi" is an affection shown by him multiply times.

However, when ascending to Fillory's throne, their relationship started straining and eventually started developing rage and bitterness against each other, due to their different ways of ruling their kingdom, but also due to Margo's hard decision to strike a deal with the Fairy Queen. Eliot was appalled, when he found out about the deal and threw Margo into the dungeon. Although the broken relationship, Eliot partially forgave her as she had shown regret.

Quentin Coldwater


Quentin coronating Eliot

Eliot and Quentin meet for the first time when the younger enters Brakebills for the first time, and is driven by Eliot to the test. Both bond really, creating a strong friendship over the time. Even though Eliot tends to tease Quentin, he also seems flirtatious with him. This offhanded attraction is explored deeper when he and Quentin are under the effects of a Hedge spell, climaxing in a threesome with Margo, an event that later strains their relationship. However, they soon regrow their friendship throughout their campaign to become the new Fillorian monarchs.

Later on, when they embark on a magical quest together, they time travel to the past to solve an unsolvable puzzle together. In this offshoot timeline, they spend an entire lifetime together as the closet of companions. Quentin and Eliot kiss at one point, they raise Quentin's son together and Quentin even lives long enough to see Eliot die of old age. They later return to the main story with the memories of this entire life together, making them even closer friends.

Significant others

Mike McCormick

Eliot had a brief relationship with Mike, a former graduate of Brakebills, However, Mike is later possessed by The Beast and is sent on a rampage as Martin attempts to murder Quentin, fatally wounding Penny in the process. He is later detained in a Brakebills dungeon, where he is able to kill Eliza and escape. However, Eliot intercepted his escape and is forced to kill Mike to stop The Beast's rampage. The entire ordeal leaves Eliot in a deeply depressed state, revealing how deeply he felt about Mike.


Eliot is currently married to Fen, as per the terms of a deal struck between Quentin, Julia, and Fen's grandfather to acquire a magical blade. Initially, he was afraid of not liking Fen due to his sexual preferences, but soon developed strong feelings for her, even though there is no strong sexual attraction towards her. The two later conceive a baby, thus forcing Eliot to take his position as High King and his responsibility as a father more seriously. Fen is never bothered by Eliot's arranged married and tells him that her job as the King's wife is to protect and care for their family.


The war against Loria ended up in the battle of both high kings, which resulted in an arranged marriage between the two. Eliot denotes attraction for Idri, which is mutual. To avoid one's death, they start to realize the option of marriage, which becomes motivated not only by their attraction but also for political issues.

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