For the TV character, see TV:Eliot Waugh.
Eliot Waugh
Biographical Information
Also known as High King of Fillory
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Occupation Magician

High King of Fillory

School Brakebills
Organizations Monarchy of Fillory

Eliot is one of the Physical Kids, and he is also a very talented magician, perhaps the most natural at Brakebills. He is the first person that Quentin Coldwater runs into when the latter comes across Brakebills for his examination.

Eliot's sexuality is a minor plot point throughout the novel, as is his over-dependence on alcohol. He is seen to be the unofficial leader of the group of five (along with Quentin, Alice, Josh, and Janet) throughout the novel. He, Janet, and Josh are several years older than Quentin and Alice.


He looks like someone you would want to fuck full-time. Is said to have very crooked teeth.


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Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Magical Abilities Edit

Spell Casting - The ability to use magic and cast spells through complex somatic movements.

Personal Abilities Edit

Discipline - Telekenetic