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The Fable of the Seven Golden Keys is a children's story in Fillory. It is given to Quentin Coldwater by Eleanor on the Outer Island to help him with his quest.

Resume of the FableEdit

There was a witch, a man, and his daughter. The witch wanted the man's undevoted attention, but as he couldn't give it to him, she kidnapped his daughter and trapped her in a hovering castle and told him, he had to find six golden keys to unlock the castle's door, if he wanted to see his daughter again. The man spent years looking for them but could only find them by accident, and with each key, he found he opened another door, with each room being bigger than the last. When he found the sixth and final key, he went to the castle and unlocked the final door, only to find that his daughter was grown up. The girl didn't recognize him but thanked him and gave him a seventh key, which he never used.

The Keys' magicEdit

Supposedly the last key had unknown magical powers and many people believed it to be in The Outer Island, which turned out to be incorrect as it was in the After Island. The usage of the keys was to unlock a door at the end of the world, that could flood the world with magic, in case the old gods ever tried to take it away.

All the keys could also create portals, but the magician's who held them had no control over where the portal took them.

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