The Fairy Queen of the Fairy Realm

Fairies are dangerously cunning magical creatures that live outside the fillorian kingdom. They dwell within the same time and space as Castle Whitespire but in a separate plane of existence known as the Fairy Realm. They are known for their insidious terms, as well as their unconventional way of expressing themselves, resorting to riddles and puns. Fairies usually cannot be perceived by humans who have not made a deal with a fairy or had a deal made on there behalf like Fen but by using magic like the Truth Key, they can be seen without the need of a deal. Every citizen of Fillory was given the ability to perceive fairies after King Eliot and Queen Margo made a deal with the fairy queen on behalf of the entire realm.

Their appearance varies for each individual, but some elements are recurring, such as black eyes, pale skin and pointed ears. The fairies residing in Fillory boundaries are ethereal, with claws and disturbing, sinister eyes.


Magicians Ep209 Faeries

Fairies once all existed on Earth before being hunted to near extinction by Human Magicians. Centuries ago, the Fairy Queen found a passage to a new world, Fillory, where their kind could be free and safe. While most passed into Fillory, many fairies remained on Earth as decoys and in order to survive and keep humans from following the others into Fillory, the fairies that were left behind made a deal with the McAllister family and became slaves. The fairies who escaped to Fillory created a realm of their own, known as the Fairy Realm, using one of The Seven Golden Keys. This realm exists in the same space and time but on a separate plain of existence laid atop Castle Whitespire sustained by the golden key. When Eliot agreed to participate in a duel against the Lorian King, Idri, to avoid a war between the two kingdoms, Margo sought the help of royal advisors, who mentioned the possibility of resorting to the fairies; These creatures, in fact, could clean the Wellspring ensuring Elliot a constant resource of magic for his swordsman spells. When the emissary of the fairies came to court, he claimed that Eliot and Fen's unborn child were to be given to fairies as payment. Faced with the decision whether to save Elliot or the unborn child, Margo had to consent to the exchange, accepting the fairies' term.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike other Magical Creatures who have magic inherently within them, fairies are the Living Embodiment of Magic. They use their magic to make "deals" in exchange for power: according to Fen, they associate with powerful people in secrecy and are known "tricksters". Fairy deals can only be broken by the
Fairies and the Wellspring

Fairies Magically Clearing the Wellspring

fairy queen using her blood to paint a specific rune, though she stated that breaking fairy deals has consequences. Once a deal is broken the humans who could perceive fairies as a result of the deal will instantly loose there ability to perceive them. Fairies magic is powerful and does not require hand gestures or words, simply their mind, as the fairy Sky was able to create a flower in her hand by simply imagining it. After the loss of the Wellspring, fairies were able to retain their magic, which was exploited by those who no longer had it. The body of a Fairy can be reduced to a cocaine-like powder, that upon being snorted, gives humans like the Mcallister family and Julia fairy magic for a certain amount of time. Humans using fairy magic by snorting this powder can suffer physical ramifications if they use a large amount of it, in the form of physical illness and tissue decay. Irene McCallister was suffering from these ramifications and enlisted Julia to heal her, which alleviated them.


  • According to Sky, an Earth fairy, there are not a lot of fairies on Earth.[1] However, due to her own ignorance of the existence of other fairies, it's uncertain if this is true.
    • A number of Earth fairies are controlled by the McAllistair's. It seems that they have been like that for a while as they believe that they don't possess any magic after the plumbers turned it off, which is not true.
  • The McAllistair's grind down parts of fairies to a powder which humans can then snort which will give the individual temporary fairy magic. The librarians are also known to do this, however, it is unknown if they do it themselves or buy it off someone who does it for them, like the McAllistair's for example.
  • Fairy magic is noticeably much darker than other magic, possessing a more smoky quality as seen when Julia temporarily used fairy magic, as well as when the Fairy Queen moves between realms.[2]
  • The Truth Key can show fairies to the holder regardless of whether or not they've previously made a deal with a fairy.[3]