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"She's the daughter of a knife-maker, she'll be fine"
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Fen is a Fillorian native raised with the knowledge that she would one day marry an Earth-born High King. This came to fruition when she married Eliot Waugh and became a member of his High Council. Fen and Eliot had a child in Fillory that subsequently got Rumpelstiltskinned by the Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen later sent a human child, Fray, who was supposedly the daughter of Elliot and Fen, to spy on them. Eliot and Fen learn that Fray was not their real child, as theirs actually died during childbirth.


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Early Life

Fen is the granddaughter of the blacksmith who created the Leo Blade. In return for making the Leo Blade, Quentin Coldwater and Julia Wicker promised that one day they would come back to marry one of the blacksmith's grandchildren. Once they returned from the past, they went to the blacksmith's house to collect the Leo Blade, but first Eliot Waugh had to marry Fen. When the physical kids came back, she offered them refreshments. After Eliot, Margo Hanson, Quentin, and Alice Quinn got crowned, she was at the castle. After the rest of the team return to Brakebills, Fen raises the issue of farming in Fillory to Elliot, because Fillorians are starving. She and Eliot then travel to the farmlands. Eliot admits that he was raised on a farm. Later, Fen observes that Elliot is stressed and reminds him that she will do anything to relieve him. Later,  Elliot arranges to have several naked people join him and Fen in their bedroom. When Fen disapproves, Eliot reluctantly dismisses them. 


"Family is about loyalty, my love"

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Appearances for Fen

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  • In The Magicians, Fen is the partner of Dint, and serves as a guide to Quentin Coldwater and his friends when they first arrive in Fillory. She is skilled in martial arts and uses Battle Magic to augment her fighting techniques. She was killed by Dint, who was revealed to be an agent of The Beast.


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