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Map of Fillory from Plover's books

Fillory is a magical land written about in Christopher Plover's novels that turns out to be real. Fillory pertains not only to the mystical land as a whole, but also one of the realms present in it. It is bordered to the northwest by Loria.


Fillory is populated with, among other things, talking animals such as horses and elephants, although the non-talking kind also exist. There are also magical beasts such as pegasi and a number of unique animals. Its gods are the twin rams, Ember and Umber.


Fillory is governed by a Monarchy, composed of four thrones, often vacant, but when all are filled, it has two kings and two queens, of which one is High King. These thrones cannot be occupied by someone from Fillory and requires a child of earth to take up the crown.

Fillory is a land of abundance and as such, its monetary system is mostly symbolic. Anything that looks like it might be money seems to be accepted, be it gold or plastic game coins.


  • The Flying Forest
  • Castle Whitespire
    • The Armory
  • Castle Blackspire
  • Chatwin's Torrent
  • The Wellspring
  • The Rainbow Bridge
  • Coronation Island
  • Ember's temple
  • Umber's Temple

TV DifferencesEdit

Fillory from space

Fillory from space


  • In the TV series the air in Fillory is composed of 0.02 percent opium [1].
  • The official The Magicians fandom name is Fillorians[2].


  1. The Magicians, Season 1, Episode 13

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