Fillory from space
Name Fillory
Status Active
Inhabitants Fillorians
Affiliation Castle Whitespire
Castle Blackspire
Ember and Umber (formerly)

Fillory is a magical world written about in Christopher Plover's novels that turns out to be real. Fillory pertains not only to the mystical land as a whole, but also one of the realms present in it. It is bordered to the northwest by Loria.


Map lg

Map of Fillory

Fillory is populated with, among other things, talking animals such as horses and elephants, although the non-talking kind also exist. There are also magical beasts, such as pegasi, and a number of Unique Beasts. Other magical beings who live there are nymphs like dryads or naiads, and satyrs. Its gods are the twin rams, Ember and Umber.


Fillory is governed by a Monarchy, composed of four thrones, often vacant, but when all are filled, it has two kings and two queens, of which one is High King. These thrones cannot be occupied by someone from Fillory and requires a "Child of Earth" to take up the crown.

Fillory is a land of abundance and as such, its monetary system is mostly symbolic. Anything that looks like it might be money seems to be accepted, be it gold or plastic game coins.


Locations mentioned or visited in the series.

TV LocationsEdit

Locations in the SYFY adaptation may also appear in the series but are listed separately if they are visited in the show and offer more information than the book.

TV DifferencesEdit

  • In the show, instead of rams, the Fillorian gods are satyrs (or fauns, in Roman mythology), half-goat half-man.
  • In the show, the Clock Barrens, a landmark from the book series that features a large meadow with clockwork in its soil, is renamed to the Cock Barrens, due to large landmasses that resemble a male's phallus.
  • In the book series, Fillory is carried by a chain of increasingly large turtles, and beneath each one is yet another: it is "turtles all the way down".

The world Fillory is situated on is a disk, and as such has an edge. On the other side of the disk is another version of the land, though it exists in a darker environment. Fillory, presumably both world and nation, cannot exist without magic. Once the High King is married, he cannot leave Fillory or be with anybody else; he is forever bound to his spouse and the world. However either by Ember’s whim or the loss of magic this contract as Eliot said is void.


  • In the TV series the air in Fillory is composed of 0.02 percent opium [1].
  • The official The Magicians fandom name is Fillorians[2].


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