Brakebills students practicing different spells

is a type of dance that originated around the 1970s[1] and 80s[2] aimed at imitating the angular poses seen in ancient Egyptian art using the body and hands. It is named after King Tutankhamun (King Tut). Finger Tutting is a sub-style of Tutting that focuses more on the fingers to create the geometrical shapes.

TV ProductionEdit

In The Magicians (TV), Paul Becker and Kevin Li were brought to create different movements for the spells based on finger tutting.[3] The tuts were designed as a "physical language" where each movement had its own meaning.[4][3] Different locations influenced the style of the tuts- In Fillory they are natural and organic, in Brakebills they are more classical and rigid while in New York they are rough.[5][2]


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