Have You Brought Me Little Cakes
Have you Brought Me Little Cakes
Original Air date April 11, 2016
Written by Sera Gamble & John McNamara & David Reed
Directed by Scott Smith
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"Have You Brought Me Little Cakes" is the thirteenth episode and first season finale of The Magicians, and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2016.


Quentin and Julia arrive in Fillory and try to catch up with the group, who are more than 70 years ahead of them, in the search for The Beast.


Quentin is at a desk somewhere, lit with candles, writing in a notebook, starting with "Fillory and Further, Book Seven, by Quentin Coldwater." He briefly summarizes the world of Fillory, once a blob of magic energy, that birthed gods Ember and Umber, that birthed Fillory.

In Fillory, Quentin and Julia are walking through a forest, calling for Ember. Julia asks how Martin Chatwin summoned the gods, Quentin says the book poetically says "Martin's blood sang to the gods". Julia finds on the side of a tree the imprint of a hand, maybe in blood, maybe the description was literal. Quentin uses a sharp stick to cut his hand a little, places his hand against the imprint, and it glows. They are both blinded by light.

Now Quentin and Julia are walking someplace else, looks like a messy basement, they complain of the smell and the trash. A voice booms out: "It is customary to bow, children of Earth", and there is shadowy figure walking further inside. They bow, and Ember approaches them, a portly, human-shaped god with ram's horns and hooves. He asks, "Have you brought me little cakes?"

Quentin's voice says he'll backtrack and explain. He and Julia went back in time to 1942, to follow Jane Chatwin through a portal to Fillory. In Fillory, they loved it (he says the air is 0.02% opium, which is unfair). They saw Jane in one of the scenes recorded in the books, where she falls into a trap and is saved by a passing magician, but Quentin and Julia watched for the scene to see if it worked out as written. They wonder who are "the witch" and "the fool" who the book says meet her, and realize that they are the witch and the fool. They go help Jane get free of the trap, while explaining some of Fillory (that they know from the books) to her. She walks away, and they are glowing with happiness: they are "in" the books that they loved as children. They notice a person following them (who was hinted at back in London), it turns out to be Martin Chatwin, who's not in the book at this point.

Quentin, Julia, and Martin walk in the forest, following Jane. Quentin explains to Martin that Fillory hasn't rejected him, but he doesn't feel safe at home (Quentin recalls the abuse Martin gets at home from Christopher Plover), Quentin knows about it, and they want to help. They says Plover is now a powerful magician, but maybe they can stop him, if they find the Leo Blade. Martin doesn't know it, but knows someone who might.

In a workshop in the forest, a knife maker tells them he's never heard of the Leo Blade, but when pressed he says making what they describe isn't hard at all. To kill a magician like their enemy takes moonstones, the knife maker has the only two in Fillory; it takes years to make more, so he has something he wants from them. Julia agrees.

Elsewhere in the forest, Martin asks what the knife maker wanted of them. Julia says he knew they were from Earth, and the rulers of Fillory can only be from Earth, he figures Julia and Martin are of the Kings and Queens of Fillory: he wants a seat at court.

Julia idly tosses aside a stick, and it clatters interestingly. They explore, and find what Quentin calls Ember's Temple, a beautiful spot in the forest, and they can sense the gods are real. But danger comes: the weather turns ominous, Martin warns them "The Watcherwoman" is coming, and he runs. The others chase him, and Quentin and Julia run into a hooded figure: the Watcherwoman, Quentin's favorite scary villain from the books. She addresses Quentin, drops her hood, and she's the grown-up Jane Chatwin that Quentin knows as "Eliza". She says they shouldn't be here, or even born, yet; Quentin says they know about her time loops, but they know this is the last one, Jane is going to die (as we saw earlier). They ask why Jane became the Watcherwoman, the villain; she says the Watcherwoman inspired Jane to grow up and be a strong magician. She waves her hand, and Julia is frozen, stuck in a memory of her group's summoning of Our Lady. Jane says her memory is a "patch", crude, likely made by a hedge, she can't remove it, it's there to replace some bad memory with a beautiful, false memory. (We see more memory of the group summoning Our Lady, and of her healing everyone's ills. In it, Our Lady tells Julia she has a mission.) Jane advises Quentin to protect Julia, and she releases the freeze spell on Julia. Quentin asks if Jane can zoom them forward to their proper time.

Quentin and Julia find themselves alone in Ember's Temple, in 2016 (the color now seems gray and lifeless, compared to before). A paper airplane appears and hits Quentin; they unfold it to find a map and a message from Eliot: enchanted this to find you if you arrive, hope you're not dead, follow the map.

Quentin and Julia walk through Fillory, it's not pretty like it was before; Quentin remarks this is because it's ruled by the Beast, a monster who destroys childhood. They get to an inn, in which are the others, where Eliot is drinking with a dressed bulldog. They greet each other awkwardly (still remembering the threesome, and the broken relationship of Alice and Quentin). Eliot asks why Julia is there, who tried to kill Quentin earlier (with the dream of the mental health clinic); Quentin says they worked it out.

All seven Brakebills students are walking in the forest. Penny asks if Quentin can find where Victoria is; it's probably The Castle That Isn't There. But they are walking to the knife maker. They find lots of headstones and unmarked graves, and find a headstone: "Martin Chatwin, High King of Fillory". So all the Chatwins are dead.

At the workshop of the knife maker, there is a stranger there, he was the knife maker's son and apprentice. The father is dead, but he made the Leo Blade, and the son wants the promised payment.

Julia explains to the others: Fillory has no rulers, only the only people from Earth who can be rulers are us. The knife maker wants one of us to marry his daughter. And it's not a choice: There is a test.

The knife maker brings out a blade that can only draw the royal blood of the High King. He drags it across the hands of Quentin, Josh, Penny, it's not any of them, it's Eliot.

They are all at a gathering place in a village, people are assembling. Margo explains to Eliot that marriage here is really different, there's no end, once you get married you won't be able to "be with" anyone else, for the rest of your life. Quentin can't even go back to Earth to undo it, he can't leave Fillory. This is a big bump for the two of them, but he says he's doing it, his life has been rotten, neither drugs or sex or booze or magic have fixed it, but now he can do something worthwhile.

The wedding ceremony takes place in what looks like a village chapel, and Eliot marries Fen, the knife maker's daughter.

The wedding is boring, so Penny goes elsewhere, draws a circle, and tries to do astral projection to the dungeon. He succeeds, Victoria is still chained, and he scouts around to try to see where it is.

The wedding festivities are going on, and the knife maker delivers the Leo Blade to them. Quentin tries to pick it up, but it's too hot; neither can anyone else. Its maker says it can only be handled by Master Magicians, and is surprised that none of them are. Penny dashes in and says he found the castle; he also can't hold the Blade.

The students are discussing what to do, there are no Master Magicians, the closest candidate might be Victoria. Margo summons Eliot so they can all go; Eliot says there's a rule, he has to impregnate his wife, right now, so go without him.

The students (minus Eliot) are outside The Castle That Isn't There, which is invisible, so it looks like they're simply in the forest. But there are guards. Josh and Margo distract them as Penny and Alice stumble around and find a door.

Inside the Castle, it's not invisible at all, and they find the dungeon. Victoria says there's someone else in the next cell.

Quentin and Julia are at Ember's Temple, calling for Ember. They find another tree with a hand imprint, Quentin cuts his hand again, and they use the imprint again. It's just like before, they are in the messy, smelly place, Ember demands that they bow and asks for little cakes. Quentin and Julia aren't ready for any of this, but they introduce themselves. Ember remarks that they are "usually dead by now", he's stuck here, the Beast lured Ember into a trap, his brother Umber is dead. Julia asks how a magician could beat a god; Ember says Fillory's magic belongs to nobody, not even gods, anyone with determination can do anything. He's waiting for someone to vanquish the Beast (and Ember is bored, he's already had sex with every nymph in Fillory, what else matters), he can't defeat the Beast. Quentin offers to do so. Ember wonders if Quentin could be the champion they await. But Quentin can't touch the Blade, he needs Ember's strength. Ember understands, and offers to infuse Quentin with... (Ember gestures, and Quentin is holding a bottle of white fluid) "my essence, my largesse, the seed of my power," Quentin should drink it when he needs it. Julia asks if it's semen; Quentin says "Thank you." Ember says Julia's mind has a shroud, he offers to remove it (as Quentin says, no, leave it), he waves, and Julia is struck down by new memories.

Quentin and Julia are walking away from Ember's lair, she is very upset, and doesn't want to be touched, asks if he can take her memory. She says she might have to go.

In the village, Victoria wakes up in bed, with Penny and Josh nearby. Penny says he had to save her because of her voice in his head. He asks how to Travel with other people, and she says any of them can; she shows him symbols tattoed onto her fingers, they're a spell.

Nearby, Quentin is explaining things to Margo and Alice, and they lead him to a man in another bed, an old man who Quentin recognizes as Christopher Plover. (He must be the other prisoner, in the cell next to Victoria.) Quentin realizes he's been wrong, Plover isn't the Beast. Plover says it's Martin Chatwin. Once Fillory rejected Martin, he had it a mission to get back, and once he did he stayed. He learned of The Wellspring, the source of all magic, that created Fillory and its gods. It's inside what looks like a small shack. Martin drinks from it every night, which is draining it, but its magic killed all of his humanity. Plover knows where it is.

Quentin gets to where Victoria was, and she and Josh are gone, leaving a note: they're going back to Earth. At this point Quentin starts writing in the notebook, as shown at the start of this episode.

Quentin sits with Alice, he is sorry, she is still angry, he still loves her, she will still work with him. All his life, he's been waiting for a power to tell him that he is the hero, the chosen one, and now Ember has, but he thinks Alice is the better magician and better person, and she should be the one to be the champion. Eventually she accepts.

It's morning, and Margo tells Alice it's time. Alice drinks Ember's "essence", her eyes flash green for a moment, and she picks up the Blade.

Julia takes Quentin aside and tells him about what she and Richard's group did. (There are flashes of memory of them following the steps that led her to Our Lady.) She had believed Our Lady Underground had chosen her. She remembers:

They chanted, but partway in Julia got worried and had them all stop: she saw blood dropping from the nose of one of the Mary figures, and all of their candles went out. Then Our Lady is there standing behind Julia, calling her a stupid witch, then laughing. Our Lady swiftly moves behind Richard and magically cuts his heart out and eats it. Everyone is trying magic, and it isn't working. She steps into the dead, bloody body of Richard, and merges into him. He introduces himself as Reynard the Fox, Trickster of the faithful, and thanks them for opening the door. He kills all of them but Julia and Kady. He throws Julia on the floor and rapes her; Kady escapes as he does so.

Afterward, Julia is alone, and cleaning the blood from her floor, and calls Marina for help. Marina arrives, and is willing to give Julia whatever help she needs. She asks where the "thing" is now; Julia says it's gone, it got what it wanted. Julia asks her to do what Brakebills did to remove the memory. Then the memory fades out. (It looks Marina did the crude "patch" to Julia's memory.)

In the village in Fillory, Quentin tells Julia they were trying to do good, and got duped, but she saved Kady. Quentin offers whatever help she needs, and she wants Quentin to find and kill Reynard.

It's early morning somewhere in Fillory, and the six students Travel in together, holding hands. They are next to the shack where the Wellspring is. They enter.

Inside, it's no shack, it's a well-appointed Victorian drawing room; Quentin identifies it as Plover's writing room, with bookshelves, books, desk, all the same, probably recreated by magic. A moth flutters through, and the Beast materializes, a man surrounded by a cloud of moths. Quentin addresses the Beast: "Hi, Martin, we know it's you." After a moment the moths dissipate, revealing the adult Martin, a middle-aged gentleman. Martin says they took their time to find him, but this is the end, but it's to Quentin's credit to walk in to certain death 40 times in a row. Quentin distracts him so Alice can stab him, but she can't find the blade. Martin attacks each of them, possibly fatally, but effortlessly (he cuts off Penny's hands), but Julia jumps up behind him and holds the Blade to his throat. (Then there's another of Julia's memories: She's just been raped, and she's calling Marina on the phone, telling her "something's happened", then she feels pain in her groin and collapses around it, feels between her legs and sees blood, and says "something's still happening". Then her eyes flash green for a moment, just as Alice's did earlier.)

With her Blade to his neck, Martin remarks that Julia is stronger than usual, and asks what she wants. She says, he killed Umber, trapped Ember, and can deal with gods; she wants to make a deal. Martin smiles, and they disappear.



Guest Starring


  • Hannah Levien as Victoria
  • Bobbi-Jean Charlton as Silver
  • Jesse Reid as Bender
  • Fiona Hogan as Menolly
  • Primo Allon as Dint
  • Arien Boey as Dint the Boy
  • Albert Nicholas as Guard #1
  • Araz Yaghoubi as Guard #2


  • Like the previous episode, the end of this episode also includes a special hotline. This time from RAINN due its subject on sexual assaults in Julia's rape scene.
  • The title to the Season 2 finale would eventually feature a notable callback.