Healing, as the name strongly implies, is a discipline regarding the healing of living things.

Characteristics Edit

Description Edit

Healing is magical medicine, and it can be emplied that it is as complex as medicine due to all the magical curses, poisons and deadly dangers that magic offers, which non-magical beings won't ever suffer. In the show, the infirmary is full of healers which dress as normal nurses/doctors but are surrounded by potions and crystals.

Possibly healing might inclued species that are not human, like magical beings or domestical animals.

Specific Disciplines Edit

  • Endocronology: When Quention was at Brakebills, he talks about a healing student whose discipline is "something to do with endocronology".
  • Injury treatment: The treatment of injuries caused by magic or fights
    • Bone treatment: A Healing student in the show fixed Quentin's shoulder that was deselocated though to a fight with Penny. She did this with a pasty freezing potion and without a spell.
    • Minor injury treatment (possibly): Just like in Physical magic, Quentin can fix minor objects, it's pressumable that Healers can do the same but with small injuries (cuts, bruises, etc.).
  • Curse analysis/breaking: When Penny was in the clinic for being stabbed with a cursed knife, healers gathered around to identify and try to break that curse.
  • Crystals (possibly): As Healing students are always surrounded by crystals, it's possible that there's some of them whose discipline is actually this.
  • Potions (possibly): Just like the discipline is above, it's pressumable that there are some healers' whose discipline is healing potions. In Brakebills, there was a old professor that taught it.
  • Life manipulation: This discipline is the bending of life essence in human form. It might lead to:
    • Eternal Life: The research for this kind of magic is being done, as implied by the quote bellow.
    • Necromancy and resurrection (possibly): Reanimating dead corpses and controlling them.

Healing VS Natural Magic Edit

While Healing is concerned with the reparation and reconstrution of living beings, Natural Magic is more focused on growing and controling it. So Natural Magic to Healing would essentially be construction to reconstruction.

House Edit

They live in the infirmary or close to it, although it isn't certain.

Quotes Edit

"Some of medicine’s greatest advancements came from Healers like you—polio and smallpox vaccines, erectile dysfunction medication, x­ray technology, you name it. Next up, eternal life." - BrakebillsU

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