Quentin in the clinic being treated by Professor Lipson

Healing is the discipline of magic devoted to improving the physical and mental condition. There are many different disciplines in this branch of magic that have a variety of effects. Magicians who specialise in this area of magic are known as Healers.


Healing is magical medicine, distinguished by its capacity to magically improve the physical condition of the living subject. As with all forms of medicine, it is incredibly complex due to the range of possible afflictions that magic offers.

The Infirmary is full of Healers, who are seen dressed as nurses, and are surrounded by various potions and crystals.

As Healing encompasses the improvement of a living subject, it refers to all creatures, including magical ones. Centaurs are well-respected Healers, due to their unique approach to magic. Sawbones, a Fillorian centaur doctor, was able to assist in Quentin's recovery after the Duel with The Beast.

Brakebills House

Healers operate and are seen primarily in the Brakebills Infirmary throughout the Syfy adaptation, but in the series it's merely referred to as the 'clinic'.


  • Injury Treatment: The treatment of bodily injuries to improve physical condition.
    • Bone Treatment: A Healing student was able to accelerate the healing process of Quentin's arm after it was broken in several places during a fight with Penny. She did this with a paste that allowed her to better manipulate the bone, although she forewarned Quentin that it "might sting".[1]
  • Endocronology: Magical healing concerned with endocrine glands and hormones. When Quentin was at Brakebills, he talks about a Healing student whose Discipline is "something to do with Endocronology".
  • Curse Analysis: When Penny was in the Infirmary after being attacked with a magical knife, Professor Lipson and her Healers diagnosed him as being under the effects of a powerful curse, but had trouble figuring out which one specifically, as they'd never encountered it before.[2] Later, Lipson diagnosed Penny, again, with a powerful curse caused by Old Magic that had invoked a terminal case of cancer, located along his spine, due to the effects of the Poison Room of The Library.[3]
  • Crystals: Healing magic that utilizes the unique properties of crystals to diagnose and/or treat magical ailments.
  • Potions: The healing practice that involves the creation of magical mixtures and brews used to stimulate a number of effects. Brewed from ingredients with magical properties, potions can be applied for a number of reasons: healing, poisoning, enhancement, etc.


"Some of medicine’s greatest advancements came from Healers like you—polio and smallpox vaccines, erectile dysfunction medication, x­ray technology, you name it. Next up, eternal life."


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