For the TV character, see TV:Henry Fogg.
Henry Fogg
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male
Occupation Dean
School Brakebills

Henry Fogg is the dean of Brakebills and is shown to be alternatively severe, kind, wise, and cynical throughout the novels. His words often prove influential on Quentin's thinking. When Quentin was tested for Brakebills, Fogg almost rejected him until the former proved that he had latent magic in him.



Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Magical Abilities Edit

He has been noted to being powerful enough to notice magic on the caliber of a time loop, but not powerful enough to actual do anything about said time loop magic.

Henry, like many of the professor's at Brakebills, is a very powerful magician and it is implied in the series that he has made some spells of his own.