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Hotel Spa Potions
S2 E2 12
Original Air date February 1, 2017
Written by John McNamara
Directed by Chris Fisher
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Preceded by
Knight of Crowns
Followed by
Divine Elimination

Hotel Spa Potions is second episode of the second season of The Magicians first aired on February 1, 2017. It is also the fifteenth episode overall.


Quentin, Alice, Penny and Margo seek a new weapon. Eliot struggles with being king. Julia and The Beast find an unexpected ally.[1]




Guest StarringEdit


  • Daniel Martin as Farmer
  • Emanuel Fapipas as Silicon Valley Guard
  • Kirsten Robek as Arleen
  • Kevin Li as Asst. Professor Li
  • Brad Harder as Handsome Guard
  • Ricky He as First Year Student
  • Behtash Fazlali as Young Professor




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