Illusion is a discipline regarding the branch of magic involving the creation of powerful and very vivid illusions, able to stimulate and thus fool the five natural senses.


Description Edit

Not much is given about this discipline though it is presumed that, much like Psychics, it mainly involves affecting the mind. It is suggested that Illusionists are able to conjure Illusions powerful enough to become corporeal, though this hasn't been expanded on as of yet. This would mean Illusionists are a mix of Physical and Psychic.

Specific Disciplines Edit

  • Mirror Magic: The manipulation of mirror images.
  • Invisibility: A major arcanum, as described by Quention Coldwater. This involves scrubbing your image out of existence, and is said to take years to accomplish fully (though Illusionists are likely more adept at it).
    • Camoflage/Cloaking: This involves taking elements of your environment (grass, leaves, stones) and glamoring them to mask your image. It is said to work best from a distance.
  • Projections: An illusion executed in an area to make it look like another place (possibly).
  • Coporalization of Illusions
  • Sensory Manipulation
    • Vertigo Induction: An illusion trap was used on Quentin Coldwater in The Magician's Land to bring on an overwhelming sense of vertigo, able to render him defenseless as his senses were overloaded.

House Edit

The Illusionist Castle is located above The Sea but is invisible and only detectable by Illusionists. It is tethered to the field by a bannerless spiral staircase, which is also invisible. The staircase is a common center of amusement as students end up tumbling off of it after a night of partying at the Castle.

Quotes Edit

"—cloaking, invisibility, and projections that will make the CIA look like amateurs. You’re a great liar, as is everyone in your Discipline. Have fun with that." - BrakebillsU

Members Edit

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