Impractical Applications
Impractical Applications
Original Air date February 22, 2016
Written by Leah Fong
Directed by John Scott
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Preceded by
Mendings, Major and Minor
Followed by
The Mayakovsky Circumstances

Impractical Applications is the sixth episode of the first season of The Magicians that first aired on February 22, 2016.


The first-year students are put through The Trials, a series of unconventional tests that must be passed to stay at Brakebills.




Guest StarringEdit


  • Sachin Sahel as Surendra
  • Ingrid Nilson as Camille
  • Amitai Mamortsein as Rick
  • Oliver Mahoro Smith as Ralphie
  • Robert McEachern as Angry Barfly


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