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Jane Chatwin
Biographical Information
Also known as Watcherwoman
Status Alive
Relatives Martin Chatwin (older brother)
Fiona Chatwin (older sister)
Rupert Chatwin (older brother)
Helen Chatwin (older sister)
Maude (aunt)
Plum Purchas (great-grandniece)
Physical Information
Gender Female
Occupation Queen of Fillory (former)
School None
Discipline Horomancy
First Appearance The Magicians
Last Appearance The Magician's Land

Jane Chatwin is the youngest of the Chatwin Childen, After her brother stays in Fillory, Jane is called upon to bring him back, but she is unable to do it herself and ends up needing Quentin Coldwater's help.


Jane first appears in The Magicians as the paramedic Quentin encounters in the house where he was supposed to have his alumni interview. She gives him the supposedly sixth book in the Fillory and Further series, which she herself wrote.

Jane manipulated events behind the scenes to get Quentin and his friends into Fillory to fight Martin.

Jane was gifted a magical stopwatch by the dwarves after Martin went missing. She used it to try, time and again, to rid Fillory of the Beast that Martin had become, until she was finally successful. Then she destroyed the stopwatch so that Quentin couldn't go back to save Alice or undo her work. While she was learning to use the watch in the beginning she caused some hiccups in the timeline of Fillory and became the Watcherwoman.

After destroying the stopwatch, Jane rapidly ages and retires to the Clock Barrens where she studies with the dwarves. Eliot and Janet visit her there to inquire about how to save Fillory.

Personality Edit

Jane Chatwin is exceptionally intelligent, quick-witted, brave, and a gifted magic user.