For TV adaptation, see Margo Hanson.

Janet Pluchinsky is one of the Physical Kids, and a magician one year further than Quentin, who becomes one of the Queens of Fillory.


The Magicians

Quentin met her for the first time in his third year, when entering The Cottage, describing her as lean, animated and the loud one. Janet was noticed by him earlier, when she hold forth to the others on walks through the Maze, and making speeches in dinner time.

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The Magician King

Janet was ruling Fillory alongside Eliot, Quentin and Julia when Quentin and Julia disappeared and Eliot went on a quest, leaving her to rule alone.

She is absent for the rest of the book.

The Magician's Land

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Physical Appearance

In her fourth year, she had a "anachronistic pageboy haircut", as described by Quentin. Not much of her is described beyond that, except her beautiful legs, when Quentin cheated on Alice with her.


Janet is not very friendly to anyone, but very angry and bitter, probably because she thought the world was as judgmental of her as she was of them. Although having neglecting parents, Janet does not blame them for her attitude, instead she owns it, and effectively runs Fillory while the High King was absent, showing great leadership skills.

Out of the few people she enjoyed, Eliot was the only one she considered to be worth it. She has also shown some affection towards Julia, and respect for Poppy.

Magic and Abilities

  • Magician - Janet graduated Brakebills without difficulties and has shown some great spellcraft, mostly when fighting in Ember's Tomb, or with spells related to her discipline. Janet was also much better at Welters than most people, due to her strategic mind and efficient magic.
    • Cryomancy (aka Cold Magic) - Janet's discipline allows her to manipulate ice and colder temperatures, and she has great control and power in this, demonstrated for example when she froze and shattered the Cottage's door in just sixty-three minutes, and when she animated two ice swans in a party. While in possession of Sorrow & Sorrow, two magical staves that augment one's discipline, Janet was able to freeze the Northern Marsh, and her skin became very cold and icy.


  • Janet's surname is mentioned as "Way" by Surendra in The Magicians and "Pluchinsky" by Henry Fogg in The Magician King.
  • In The Magicians (TV), Janet's character is renamed Margo Hanson. The name change is vaguely referenced in the midst of season 3 before she snapped at the speaker for the use of Janet [citation needed]. In season 3 episode 13, Margo introduces herself as Janet in her new life.