John Scott
John Scott
General Information
Full name John Stuart Scott
Born October 11, 1966
Birthplace Long Beach, California, U.S.
Gender Male
Occupation Director

John Scott is a director for The Magicians.



Scott began his career behind the camera working on a number of films and television series and commercials in the camera dept. through the early nineties up until 2009 when he made his directorial debut on the Ryan Murphy drama series Nip/Tuck.

In 2010, Scott directed the final episode of that series, "Hiro Yoshimura".[1] Since then he has directed two more episodes for Ryan Murphy; "Acafellas" and "The Rhodes Not Taken", both from Glee's first season. He directed the third episode of the seventh season of the American version of The Office. The episode, entitled "Andy's Play", saw the character Andrew Bernard join the cast of a local production of Sweeney Todd.[2]

Scott has also directed for shows such as Scoundrels, Chuck, Love Bites, Gigantic, Outsourced, American Horror Story,[3] Suits and The Magicians. In 2015 he was Producer/Director on the hit show Mistresses/ABC.


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