Josh Hoberman is one of the Physical Kids' closest friends and a talented magician in his own right. The least natural in his skills, Josh possessed an untapped power throughout his tenure at Brakebills, and grew close to Poppy during the course of the quest to restore.


Not much is known about Josh previous to Brakebills, but, during his time there, he befriends Eliot and Janet, who are in the same year as he is and same discipline group. He struggles there due to the judgment of other magicians, making him almost fail his graduation.

Nevertheless in the end of his graduation, he moves with Janet and Eliot to New York where he starts a life, and meets Anaïs, a skillfull magician from Luxembourg, and ends up dating her. When the Physical Kids are reunited, along with Richard, Anaïs and Penny, the goup travels to Fillory, where Josh is faced with battling along side his friends.

After the confrontation with the Beast, he takes the magical button that enables anyone to travel the multiverse, and takes a long trip in the Neitherlands. Emerging in different universes every other week, he gets bored and heartbroken, when one of his many lovers dies, and decides to come back to Earth, promising to never go back. Therefore, Josh sells the button to a dragon, giving him enough money to buy a palace in Venice.

Dispite his promise, Josh goes back to Fillory, when his friend Quentin is in need.


Josh is described as chubby.


A fun and humorous personality that covers his insecurities and low self-esteem and a very observant magician.

Magic and Abilities

Josh has been described, in the narrative of The Magicians, as someone who takes longer than others to pick up on a magical concept or technique, but once he figured it out, he mastered it and 'made it his own'; In the first book, he's described as an inconsistent magician, either not being able to cast the spells he intends to, or casting uncontrolled and powerful ones.

He's also noted as not being taken seriously, due to his jovial and comedic personality, but having a keen insight into things other people might otherwise miss, which is also reflected in his observations about other magicians' spellcasting. Josh Hoberman barely passed his exams at Brakebills to graduate, so is thought of as being a poor magician, although he is occasionally seen doing impressive (or at least impressive for him) feats of magic.

During his time in Venice, he grows an affinity for spellcasting involving portals, and Quentin even notes that he shouldn't be suprised by Josh's skills as the Brakebills period is long gone.