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Julia Ogden Wicker
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Age 18 (The Magicians)
Physical Information
Race Human (former)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Hedge Witch (former)
Queen of Fillory (former)
Caretaker of a Fillorian tree
Discipline Unknown
Organizations Free Trader Beowulf (former)
Murs Magicians (former)
Fillory (former)
First Appearance The Magicians
Last Appearance The Magician's Land

Julia Ogden Wicker[1] is a friend of Quentin. She dated Quentin's best friend James. Quentin stays loosely in touch with her throughout the novel as she goes through changes of her own. It also turns out that Julia took the Brakebills examination but failed. Although they were supposed to erase the memory, something went wrong and she remembers the missed opportunity, which then takes a toll on the rest of her life.

Biography Edit

Early life and The Magicians timeline Edit

Julia is on the fast track to life. Unlike her best friend Quentin , she had all her life planned, about to go to college with high grades. She had a healthy relationship with James and played the oboe.

During the first book of the series, she appears in a total of 4 scenes with little story and mostly in interaction with Quentin and with little explanation of her background. Her story was later explained in flashbacks to the past during The Magician King.

Turns out that Julia took the Brakebills exam but failed, due to being distracted by her surroundings, or at least that was her explanation. Her memory was wiped but, due to an error in a college work, she starts to regain it, which consumed her life and drove her into an obsession to find magic again and depression.

After a lot of failed attempts, and bad actions, she is able to work one spell out, which made her fingers leave rainbow trails in the air. With these revelations, she looked for Quentin, and when she did, she showed what she could do and begged him for help, even offering to sexual favors for spells.

When she realized he wouldn't help her, she gives it up and tries to reconstruct her life. It was during that time that she found Free Trader Beowulf, an online support group for mentally ill people who were too intellectual for the average world, and understood her nerdy references to classical music. This support group did a lot of mentally challenging games, and through one of those games, Julia found a safehouse in Brooklyn and became magic-obsessed again.

While in the safehouse she went to level 27, she craved more and unfortunately no one could give more to her. As she herself described it, her mind was hungry for knowledge but people seemed to be content with little. Until one day, a rich-looking woman, named Iris, came to visit her and test her abilities, giving an address which ended up being a location in France.

Julia deciphered the location through a series of coordinates that led her to Murs, a small, forgotten village in the south of France. There lived some of her Free Trader Beowulf friends that helped her level up to 250 hedge-witch, the last level of them all. Only then she became part of the Murs Magicians, a group that searched for a way to access an unlimited power of a being- Our Lady Underground. She considered the people there her family and got really close to Asmodeus, a seventeen years old girl, and Pouncy Silverkitten the "boss" of the clan.

The group informed Julia, after helping build her magical ability, of their research for ways to up the ante of their respective magical abilities. After much speculation, the group decided that the best way to solve their questions were to ask around the local magical community. After weeks of networking with the magical creatures, Asmodeus was informed by a group of lutins that their questions were best suited being brought forth to a local hermit that lived in the mountains on the edge of town, who transcribed a complex ritual - a piece of old magic that was meant to summon a god.

The preparation of the summoning took a few weeks, as certain spells needed proper preparations to ensure success, towards the end of which the Murs Magicians had a day off before performing the ritual, so they set to the local beachside hotel. During their stay, Julia and Pouncy had sexual intercourse with each other. Julia experienced her first time doing it for pleasure, not for obligation or as a way of manipulation, with Pouncy, the night before the ritual.

The next day arrived, and it was time to put their hard work to the test. However, as the ritual neared completion, Julia experienced a premonition of danger but was too late to stop the ritual, and an entity appeared - it's form was that of a fox-headed man covered in red fur - whom Julia immediately recognized as Reynard The Fox, the local trickster god. The deity begins toying with the group, killing a few of the Murs in delight. As he's about to kill Pouncy, Julia snaps free from her fear and demands their gift, as they had paid their tribute with their lives. Reynard, however, sneers at her, declaring that he was forced to take their lives, as they had not initially sacrificed themselves in his favor. Pouncy responds by offering his life as the forfeit for Julia's and Asmodeus', but, as he was already dying, Reynard didn't accept his offer, seeing it as worthless. Julia then offers herself to the deity, who graciously accepts. However, Reynard did not take her life as she expected him to and instead proceeds to sexually assault her. As he disembarked, Julia felt her Shade leave with him, and in its place was the power they'd been promised.

Now Shadeless, Julia collected herself, expecting an emotional response to the outcome but instead felt nothing but the power she'd been imbued with. Sometime later, Julia finds herself at a wealthy retreat, where she encounters Eliot and Janet, who befriend her, then collect their mutual friend, Quentin Coldwater, and they travel to Fillory together.

The Magician King Edit

When Julia arrives at Fillory, she's crowned Queen in place of Alice. Over time, she becomes well acquainted with all magical beings of Fillory, as the closer she'd gotten to magic, the more she felt drawn to them. She also doesn't use contractions when speaking and rarely talks at all, becoming mysterious and antisocial. This fact makes Quentin doubt what happened to "his" Julia, the girl with freckles, he was friends with once before.

Her magical abilities also surprised him, because although her technique had flaws due to not being in straight lines and perfect circles, she was much more forceful when casting them and never failed. Also, she was able to do things he would have never been introduced to in Brakebills, like talking to animals and advanced battle magic.

During the hunting of the Seeing Hare, she cast an offensive spell that made her eyes black, and they never returned to there original color.

When Quentin decided to travel to the Outer Island to collect unpaid taxes, even though it was unnecessary, he requests that Julia accompany him to ease the worries of Elliot, to which she casually agrees.

Not much happens to her during the travel to the Outer Island. Quentin visits Julia in her bedroom and she confesses to him that she doesn't feel human anymore, but she also doesn't know what she is. During the time on the island, Quentin tries to make her jealous with no result, but this ultimately leads to the discovery of the Fable of the Seven Golden Keys. According to this legend, there was one undiscovered golden key that could do unknown magical wonders.

When they arrive at the After Island, due to Quentin's decision to look for the key, the people on board the ship are not received with much hospitality. They found the key in an old church, and Quentin decides to use it, by trying to unlock something in mid-air. While doing it he asks for Julia's hand and accidentally creates a portal that sucks them both to the last place that was officially Quentin's home.

The portal sent them to Quentin's old house, and by realizing this Julia breaks down in what looks like a panic attack. They tried to find the key with no result, and the invisible door closed immediately behind them, so they decided to ask for Dean Fogg's help. To get to Brakebills, Julia steals a car and drives north until they get to the woods surrounding the school. Julia senses the magic around it, and to reveal the wards around it uses a spell Quentin doesn't know. In doing this, Fogg's face appears in mid-air. He takes them through the maze, to the House, updating Quentin in the Brakebills news, while completely ignoring Julia, who's uncomfortable and looks out-of-place.

Later, Fogg asks Quentin to talk privately to him in his office, and Julia sits outside. He turned out to be useless and referred to Julia in a derogatory way, which led Quentin to defend her and calling her the best witch he knows. They take themselves out and are sent back to their original place.

Julia decides to take Quentin on a journey through the safe houses, where Quentin is asked to perform the first level spell. Humiliated by not achieving the feat, he performs a classically trained spell in Arabic to light up the place for seconds, by what the hedge witches are impressed and let him stay. Through mirror-portals (stated to be crudely executed because of an icy feeling by Quentin), they get to a safe house in Virgina, where a Dryad teaches college students hedge magic. He has a private confrontation with Julia but eventually gives them an address in Venice.

They portal there, and when arriving, they have a break to drink coffee, one of the pleasures they've forgotten while in Fillory. The address takes Quentin and Julia to a magnificent palace, inhabited by an unknown magician who performs miracles for everyone who desires one.

Josh turns out to be the mystery magician and welcomes them to stay a while until they figure their situation out. He tells them what happened after the battle with Martin Chatwin: his insecurities in being the only one who didn't get to be a king, his adventures in The Neitherlands, its destruction and his final arrival to Earth, where he is asked to sell the button to a dragon in Venice. He used the money to buy and rebuild the palace and became the "king" of the hedge witches, a place that respects and fears him. Quentin decides to talk to the dragon, with the help of Poppy, an Australian magician that specializes herself in dragons.

Julia is absent during most of the action in Venice, but immediately after Quentin's chat with the dragon, who told him that "the first door is still open", she realizes that that door is the Chatwin's old house and decides that she's going. Quentin, Josh, and Poppy help her get to England, by a portal created by Josh. In arriving there, the house is now bought by other people, and they look for various ways to find "the first door", which turned out to be useless, as Fillory only accepted them when it wanted. Which becomes a reality moments later.

Not much happens after she gets in the Muntjac for the second time, but she has instances of action and dialogue that further her character and point out her non-human existence, as for example, when she's battleling in Benedict Island (name after the death of the youngest swordsman in the ship), she grows in height and starts glowing with light, giving her an enhanced human form and strength. The death of Benedict doesn't affect her much, or at least she doesn't show any emotional response.

Although not being affected by Benedict's death, she decides to follow Quentin, when he chooses to visit the swordsman in the Underworld. While in there, she tries to communicate with the shades, and comforts Benedict, but no one seems to notice her existence there.

It's after this that Julia realizes that she's not human anymore, due to Reynard's removal of her shade, and explains to Quentin how she knew it all along, but fought it, trying to cling to her humanity with all her forces. When she embraces this, Our Lady Underground appears and tells her that she's her daugther and it's all over. Julia then becomes a dryad, a being of immense beauty and in-tune with nature and magic.

Meanwhile shades start surrounding Quentin in the attempt to imprision him, led by Martin Chatwin's shade. Benedict, however, defends him and fights back, unnecessarily, as Our Lady Underground pulls Julia and Quentin out of that place, acknowledging that there place is not in the Underworld.

In the Mutjac, everyone is stunned by Julia's beauty and power but she doesn't seem to notice this. Julia pulls Quentin aside and confesses to him her tragic story, since the day of the Brakebills exam, assuming that every bad thing that happened to her, only led her to her destiny as a dryad.

She also explains to Quentin that being a dryad made her a daugther of Persephone, in-tune with nature and a caretaker of a tree designed for her. Although feeling it's presence, she couldn't yet determine where it was, except that it was in Fillory. Even knowning this, she decides to stay with him on the voyage to the end of the world.

During the travel there, the Muntjac is not able to go any further, even though they are still very distant from the end. Julia, then, whispers to it's heart and the ship starts desintegrating, so it can take them to the right place.

When they got to the sandy beach around Fillory they are blocked by a brick wall with one single door, they find Elaine and one other man sitting on a chair. When they open the door they find another world, outside of Fillory, a cleaner, better world. Julia feels her tree is in that world, but is not allowed to pass because Elaine knows she was resposible for the summoning of the old gods, who were the reason this journey had been done. Therefore she wanted to punish Julia for her crime, but Quentin offers himself to be punished instead, since he was the reason Julia had to endure all the pain that lead her to that decision. Elaine accepts it, and Julia goes through the door in search for her tree.

The Magician's Land Edit

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In her first appearance in The Magicians book series, Julia has dark wavy hair that is pulled back in a bunch. She is also described as pale and freckled. She is even described as having worn a blue serge coat with a round collar that made her look "like a French school girl".

As she discovers and delves into Hedge Magic, her visage becomes increasingly gaunt and ragged, as she dons the star-shaped tattoos that signify her levels in Safehouses


In the beginning, Julia is an excellent student on the fast track in life, she has a boyfriend and is expecting to go to an Ivy League College. She is happy and seems to have everything she wants in life.

After failing the Brakebills entrance exam she gets severely depressed and becomes obsessed with finding out about magic. Eventually, she is able to work herself out of the depression and gets back on the track to attending College and getting on with her life.

After a while, and the help of an online support group, she is thrust back into the magical world and becomes even more obsessed with learning magic. She enters back into a deep depression and after meeting up with Quentin again she learns her true calling and departs happily to go protect the tree she is bonded to.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hedge Magician: Julia is a 250 level hedge witch. Although having a flawed technique, as described by Quentin, due to using fluid hand movements and exaggerated diction, she has knowledge beyond Brakebills teaching. One example of such is being able to revert entropy, something shown by Professor Mayakovsky to Brakebills' fourth year students, but never learned or experimented by them. When trained by the Murs Magicians, she is able to perform multiple spells, including kinetic based spells and envoloping warmth. She is well versed in Battle Magic, as shown when invading Benedict Island's castle. During the time period after the assault and the underworld, she retains human form and is still considered a human, but develops more powerful magic, more aligned with Dryad's power, such as animal communication and human endurance.
    • Psychic prowess - Although her discipline is not known due to her failing the Entrance Exam, she has a natural resistance to manipulation of the mind, indicating that her discipline may, in part, be psychic. This is further implied when she senses danger when performing a summoning, moments before Reynard the Fox showed up, which indicated possible precognition abilities.
  • Demigoddess: Julia had been a powerful hedge witch towards the end of her human life. However, after an encounter with Reynard the Fox, a trickster god who terrorized the area of Murs, Julia was imbued with the power boost the Murs Magicians were seeking. This power slowly transformed Julia throughout her time in Fillory, eventually leading to her metamorphosis as a dryad, a minor deity of nature, and her recruitment by Our Lady Underground. As a dryad, she was more directly in tune with magic than she had been as a human, allowing her to operate on a level entirely separate from human magicians. She had a more refined control over the magic she used, and, in some instances, was able to perform magic without casting.


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