For the TV character, see TV:Julia Wicker.
Julia Ogden Wicker
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Human


Gender Female
Occupation Hedge Witch

Queen of Fillory (former)

Organizations Free Trader Beowulf

Julia Ogden Wicker[1] is a friend of Quentin. She dated Quentin's best friend James. Quentin stays loosely in touch with her throughout the novel as she goes through changes of her own. It also turns out that Julia took the Brakebills examination but failed. Although they were supposed to erase the memory, something went wrong and she remembers the missed opportunity, which then takes a toll on the rest of her life.


In her first appearance in The Magicians book series Julia has dark wavy hair that is pulled back in a bunch. She is also described as pale and freckled. She is even wearing a blue serge coat with a round collar that made her look "like a french school girl".


In the beginning Julia is an excellent student on the fast track in life, she has a boyfriend and is expecting to go to an Ivy League College. She is happy and seems to have everything she wants in life.

After failing the Brakebills entrance exam she gets severely depressed and becomes obsessed with finding out about magic. Eventually she is able to work herself out of the depression and gets back on the track to attending College and getting on with her life.

After a while, and the help of an online support group, she is thrust back into the magical world and becomes even more obsessed with learning magic. She enters back into a deep depression and after meeting up with Quentin again she learns her true calling and departs happily to go protect the tree she is bonded to.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Discipline - Unestablished

  • Although her discipline is not known due to her storyline, she has a natural resistance to manipulation of the mind, indicating that her discipline may be psychic.

Note: People who fail the entrance exam into Brakebills don't remember taking the test in the first place, and are instead provided with an alibi explaining, to themselves as well as to everybody else, where they have been during that time. Julia seems to have a natural resistance to this tampering of the mind, however, and with some effort, she succeeded in piecing together what actually happened.

  • Julia is a level 250 Hedge Witch, she was able to learn much of what she knows through the safehouses and then made friends with a specialty group that enabled her to level up to 250. This level is the highest because there isn't anymore to learn after this, after 250 a person would know all of the fundamentals of magic and would be equivalent to, or even beyond, that of a graduate of Brakebills.



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