Knight of Crowns
Knight of Crowns
Original Air date January 25th, 2017
Written by Sera Gamble
Directed by Chris Fisher
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Knight of Crowns is the 14th episode and second season premiere of The Magicians that first aired on January 25th, 2017.


In the aftermath of their clash with The Beast, Quentin and his friends scramble for a new plan, while Julia and The Beast strike a dangerous deal.[1]



The second season premiere opens with Quentin running through Fillory. He’s in desperate need of help and strikes a bargain with a Witch. In exchange for a vial of his blood, the Witch will bring Quentin’s friends back to life.

Unbeknownst to him, Alice, Margo, and Eliot have come back to life! Alice had absorbed Ember's God powers and used them to resurrect her friends. Quentin tries by fails to retrieve the vial back from the Witch.

The group go back to meet Eliot’s wife, where they hope to find magic that will reattach Penny's hands and something that will help them kill The Beast, since Julia had stolen the only weapon that could. This can only be found at Castle Whitespire, but before they can enter the castle, they must be crowned as Kings and Queens. Penny and Margo find a magic river that will help heal Penny. With the help of a hermit, they are able to reattach his severed limbs. The river man asks for payment after having helped them but Penny refuses to give him anything. As the two leave, they fail to see the hermit cast a spell on Penny’s hands.

They regroup at the rainbow bridge and together must prove that they are worthy of the Crowns. The crown keeper asks that they answer 90’s trivia to prove that they are from Earth. Eliot recites a quote from Dirty Dancing, which convinces the keeper and they are given the crowns. They have an impromptu ceremony and are now rulers of Fillory.

As they head to Whitespire, Alice and Eliot have a heart to heart and Penny realizes that there is something wrong with his hands. He can no longer control his own magic! He rushes back to the river and begs the hermit to help him. He refuses. They are deeply disappointed by what they find at the castle. The Armory has been emptied and ransacked by Fillory’s enemies. The gang realize that they might have to head back to Brakebills, but must leave Eliot behind. As High King, he can never leave Fillory again.


Julia is in NYC with the Beast. She betrayed her friends so that the Beast would help her kill Reynard the Fox. The pair search for Reynard and find a clues that help point them in the right direction. Julia is under a lot of emotional distress the closer they get to finding the Fox. The Beast tells her to remove her Shade. That way she’ll no longer feel anything.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Demord Dann as Uniformed Officer
  • Christine Lippa as Barbara
  • Gwenda Lorenzetti as Laura
  • Zoe Wiesenthal as Rachel
  • Brad Harder as Handsome Guard