"Part Psychic, part Physical. [...] The short version: you are drawn, mind and body, to the discovery of magic."
Dean Fogg[src]

A spell adjusted by Julia Wicker

Knowledge is a Discipline Group whose traits revolve around magical theory. Knowledge disciples are stated to be drawn, mind and body, to the discovery of magic, primarily dealing with the deepening and discovery of magical knowledge as a whole. The disciplines within this group correspond with different levels of magical comprehension, from understanding and manipulating magical theory, to manipulating the qualities of magic as they apply it.


As said by Dean Fogg in The Girl Who Told Time, Knowledge is the discipline in which students are innately attracted to the discovery of magic. They are considered a bit of every branch with the possible difference that their objective is not to actively practice like other Magicians but to discover, reshape, or deepen the knowledge of magic.



A spell created by Julia Wicker

  • Meta-Composition: The understanding of the theories behind spells and the ability to reshape them. It was revealed that Julia Wicker specialized in Meta-Composition by Henry Fogg after she was detained at Brakebills[1]. Fiberpunk, a hedge witch in Free Trader Beowulf, used this discipline to draw two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional shadows cast by four-dimensional objects.[2]


They live in the attic above the Brakebills Library, although with much more luxury than one would think at first.

Quotes on Knowledge

"Thanks to intellectual explorers like you, magic is constantly growing and changing. Invest in vitamin D and a tanning bed - you won't get out much.[3]"
"More than that. You... you understood the theory behind the spell and... and you reshaped it."
Dean Fogg explaining Meta-Composition[src]
"Part Psychic, part Physical. There really is no branch that it doesn't touch on.
Julia and Dean Fogg in an alternate timeline[src]

Known Knowledge Students


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