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Kady and Julia talking to a Lamia in disguise

Lamias are old magical creatures, which were prestigious and authoritative figures during the times when humans respected Deities, as they were strongly associated as their messengers.

Books Edit

They are described as half-women, half snake, and their skin was covered in reptiles' scales. They differ in aspect to medusas, due to this creatures having snakes for hair, and French sirens, because this last ones had their lower half snake-like.

Syfy AdaptationEdit

Lamia are an ancient race of powerful psychic creatures that once served Our Lady Underground. They can easily access a persons mind, completely bypassing the wards of trained magicians such as Kady, to glamour themselves and appear as anyone, even loved ones of the person they are reading. As millennia passed, and the gods abandoned them, Lamia began to slowly die out and eventually were forced to live underground in squalor.

When Julia and Kady approached a Lamia in an abandoned New York sewer system, they carried knives dipped in gold, silver, and sharks blood to defend themselves, as they didn't know what myths were true. The Lamia stated that this was overkill.

There's no record of any account of a Lamia's physical form, though it was briefly glimpsed by Julia n a mirror, appearing as a bipedal reptilian woman with yellow and orange scaled skin and a tail with a barbed tip. The Lamia was of average height, and completely bald.


  • In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating demon. Her story begins when Hera, the goddess of marriages, became jealous of Lamia's beautiful family and ordered that all Lamia's children to be executed, transforming her into a monster that hunted and devoured the children of others.
  • Another version says Hera stole all of Lamia's children, who then lost her mind from grief and despair. In envy, she began stealing and devouring the children of others', which transformed her into a monster. This monster has a serpent's tail in place of her legs.