The Leo Blade
The Leo Blade
General Information
Status Existing
Current location In possession of Reynard(last seen)
Type Magical Blade
Usage Information
Created by Fen's grandfather, a master blacksmith
Owned by Alice Quinn (formerly)
Julia Wicker (formerly)
Reynard the Fox
Used by Alice Quinn
Julia Wicker
Reynard the Fox
First Appearance Have You Brought Me Little Cakes
Last Appearance Divine Elimination

The Leo Blade, also known as the Blade of Moonstones[1], is a weapon that is powerful enough to "tear through the fabric of magic itself".[2]

Overview Edit

The blade's original purpose was so that Alice Quinn could kill The Beast, but it was taken by Julia Wicker, who used it as leverage to make a deal with The Beast to help her trap and kill Reynard the Fox.

History Edit

The blade was first discovered in the book of Martin Chatwin, which described the power of the blade, and that it hadn't been recovered by Martin after having been made.[2] It is later shown that Quentin and Julia, after having travelled back in time over 70 years, have the blade commissioned by a knife maker that Martin takes them to.[1]

When Julia, Marina and Martin finally confront Reynard with the knife, they are interrupted by Penny, who runs into Julia and Martin, and teleports them to Fillory, causing the knife to fall onto the floor. We then see Marina and Reynard both reach for the knife. When Julia returns to Marina's apartment, Marina is shown dead on the floor. The blade nowhere to be seen.[3]

Properties Edit

The blade can only be touched by master magicians. It's high concentration of magical power burns anyone who is not powerful enough to wield it.

Trivia Edit

  • The blade is made from rocks that are alive, called moonstones.
  • The price paid for the knife was an arranged marriage from the knife maker's granddaughter Fen to the High King of Fillory[1], Eliot.
  • The knife maker who made the blade also made the Virgo blade.
  • The location of the blade is currently unknown.


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