Lesser Evils
2.09 Lesser Evils
Original Air date March 22, 2017
Written by Elle Lipson & John McNamara
Directed by Rebecca Johnson
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Word as Bond
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The Girl Who Told Time

Lesser Evils is the ninth episode of the second season of The Magicians. It is also the twenty-second episode overall.


Quentin nears what could be a literal dead end to his Alice situation. Eliot risks his life for his kingdom, and to protect him, Margo promises something that isn't hers to give. Julia, Kady, and Penny find Reynard's son, but their discovery comes with serious consequences.[1]




Guest StarringEdit


  • Zahf Paroo as Gillen
  • Sergio Osuna as Rafe
  • Miranda Edwards as Heloise


  • This episode features notable references to the musical Les Miserables.



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