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This is a list of all known spells mentioned in both the television and the book series.


Alice's Ward-and-Shield

A ward spell invented by Alice Quinn that protects the caster's hands from the intense heat released by molten matter.[1]

Bujold's Sorcerous Nail Extraction

This is the opposite or counter-spell to Legrand’s Hammer Charm. Instead of hammering a nail through a surface this spell extracts it.[2]

Chkhartishvili's Enveloping Warmth

This spell generates internal warmth within the body to ensure survival in extremely cold environments.[citation needed]

Cholmondeley's Stealth

Assumably, a spell that offers the caster amazing stealth.

Dempsey's Silent Thermogenesis

This is a spell that enforces a phase change in matter by heating molecules past their boiling point.[3]

Fergus' Spectral Armory

A working that summons a phantasmal armor to protect the caster from harm.[4]

Harper's Fire Shaping

A spell considered to be useless, as its only purpose is to shape flames into patterns in the air with an aspen twig.[citation needed]

Legrand's Hammer Charm

The Hammer Charm of Legrand is a standard teaching charm that ensures a nail is hammered into a surface in a single smooth strike.[5]

Lesser Cavalieri animation

A spell that gifts small inanimate objects with a facsimile of life.[6]

Miller's Flare

Thibodeaux's Planar Compression

A spell that manipulates dimensions in order to allow a large space to fit inside a much smaller space. For example, Alice Quinn's parents' house is a moderately-sized building, but its interior is much larger than would normally be possible given the house's actual dimensions.

Ugarte's Prismatic Spray

A spell that creates a trail of rainbow light in the air from the caster’s fingers.[citation needed] The word "ugarte" is derived from the Basque uharte, meaning "island", from ur "water" and arte "between".[7]

Temporary Warmth

A spell used by Julia and Marina while locked in the meat locker of the safe house. This spell provides the two women the ability to withstand the cold temperatures long enough to escape.

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