Location Fillory
Status Active
Inhabitants Prince Ess
King Idri
Affiliation Fillory(world)
High King Eliot

Loria is a kingdom that borders Fillory to the north. 


The Lorian culture is known to be barbaric and their natives are not famous for their magical abilities. Lorians are commonly depicted as the "bad guys" from Plover's work, and one guardian even tried to kill a young Jane with the Virgo Blade. The Lorian women are also known to be very sexual.


In present days, Prince Ess of Loria was sent to Fillory's Court to propose a marriage to Queen Margo, who refused after learning Ess tricked her, leading to a battle to death between Loria's King and High King Eliot. The battle was solved by an arranged wedding between the two monarchs and a 50/50 division of the Wellspring.


  • The Cock Barrens - a desert-like place that has rocks resembling the men's sexual organ.


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