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"The study of magic is not a science, it is not an art, and it is not a religion. Magic is a craft. When we do magic, we do not wish and we do not pray. We rely upon our will and our knowledge and our skill to make a specific change to the world."
Professor March[src]
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Magic is the practice of harnessing the arcane energy that exists and flows through the universe. Which allows practitioners known as Magicians to manipulate aspects of reality through the application of spells. Magic encompasses many different activities including astral projection, telekinesis, teleportation, and spell casting. It includes the practices of many cultures, nations, and religions, as well as many books and writings from ancient times.

However, most cannot do magic for several reasons; firstly, casting spells is very difficult and most beings are not intelligent, obsessive, or unfortunate enough to dedicate themselves entirely to perfecting their craft. Magicians not admitted to magical institutions usually lack the proper guidance offered by them, which leads to them becoming Hedge Witches.

It is also implied that those with a high moral firmness cannot access the tools necessary to manipulate magical energies. However, some can have all the necessary requirements, say the right words, move their hands the right way, and still, nothing will happen.


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Magical Schools

Due to the fact that all creatures have an inherent connection to the Multiverse, this subsequently means that all creatures, especially those with the mental capabilities to learn of its mechanisms, have the potential to wield these powers through study and practice. Nevertheless, all Magicians, natural-born or not, are required to study the sciences of the forces that are channeled, not only as a means to better understand them but also as a means to better control them.

Types of Magic

Human Magic

Human Magic is drawing upon the self-replenishing arcane energy of the Wellspring located in Fillory. Human magic is typically performed by way of very complex spell casting. Human Magic almost has a scientific basis for its applications. Magicians have to take into account personal and surrounding circumstances in the spells they wish to cast. Most Magicians have a limit to the amount and magnitude of strength they draw upon magic from. When this limit is broken, the magical energy of a failed spell or a spell too powerful will consume the magician and transform them into a Niffin.

God Magic

The source of a god’s power and immortality is considered the oldest and strongest form of magic. Like almost every known magical creature, Gods possess a source of magic; something akin to what Persephone called a Seed of Power that is part of themselves. This seed enables to use magic regardless of the Wellspring's state or functionality. Gods simply will whatever magic they want to happen. Gods and their Demi-god offspring possess immense magical power. For example, John Gaines, a demi-god son of Reynard the Fox, was said to emit more power than all the magicians on Earth combine, according to Penny’s Psychic Magic. Alice Quinn states that most gods of the level of Ember and Umber see humans as toys, whereas the Old Gods view humans no more powerful or important than how humans see cells. A god normally never runs out of magic, but can sacrifice it to use their every atom of power to make something of great power, for example The Seven Golden Keys. A god’s magic can even turn a human such as Julia Wicker in a god if they are given another god’s seed of power.

Dragon Magic

Dragon Magic is very powerful and old, as Dragons are the Gatekeepers which predate even the Earth. Dragons are portals so when the swallow something it’s transported elsewhere. This was stated by Poppy as to illustrate that dragons don’t defecate.

Fairy Magic

Fairies possess great magic power in their own right. Instead of simply having magic part of them like in their DNA, like other magical beings. Fairies are literally made of magic. The Fairy Queen called them the Living Incarnation of Magic. They like Gods don’t require the complexity of human spellcasting to perform magic. All they need is simply will something to happen magically. The power of the fairies is so great it was believed with almost complete certainty by Abigail that they could clean and reactivate the Wellspring. While not immortal the fairies have great longevity, with the Queen stating was longer than even the Dwarves of Fillory.

Demon Magic

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Known Magicians

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