For the TV character, see TV:Professor Van Der Weghe.

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Melanie Van der Weghe is one of the professors in Brakebills.


She is described as a stern woman in her forties with dark shoulder-length hair.


Magic and Abilities


The Magicians

Van der Weghe is first seen in the second part of the entrance test where she makes Quentin perform magic tricks. She later becomes his private tutor and, briefly, Quentin has a crush on her.

After Penny was discovered to have a discpline unlike those Brakebills expected, Professor Van der Weghe teaches him privately and helps him use his unqiue discipline. The bond to the point where Penny refers to her by her first name. At some point Penny becomes able to travel to the Neitherlands, but he cannot take Melanie with him and, despite her efforts, she is unable to go there herself.