"You’re very grounded, poised to harness the Earth’s innate power. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people start asking you to grow them weed."
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Alice Quinn growing a tree

Natural Magic is the discipline concerning the manipulation and development of the environment through magical means.


Natural Magic is the area of proficiency in magic that deals with the environment. Naturals are known to maintain and groom the grounds of Brakebills, as in the The Magician King, Dean Fogg informs Quentin that a band of Naturals was trying to control a rogue animated arbust.


In the show, Elliot referred to a group of students creating a cloud part of the "Natural Magic", revealing that meteorological manipulation is another field of this discipline.

It is unknown whether or not Naturals can manipulate animal life or not.

Though believed to be similar to Healing, Natural magic is distinguished by the fact that while Healing deals with somatic wounds, poisons, diseases and other ailments of living things, Natural magic deals with developing and manipulating nature itself.

Brakebills House

Naturals have a treehouse in the forest surrounding Brakebills, past the border of the Sea. [1]


  • Herbalism: This discipline involves the magical study of botany and its medical uses. Quentin was stated to not be one during the Discipline tests.[2]
  • Plant Manipulation: In the second book. Dean Fogg tells Quentin that the Natural Group was trying to control an animated arbust.[3]
  • Weather Manipulation: While giving Quentin a tour around Brakebills, Eliot referred to a group of students manipulating a miniature cloud as Naturals. Therefore, it can be inferred that Naturals can create and shape the meteorological patterns, such as creating rain, invoking changes in the wind, or even calling upon thunderstorms.[4] Julia and Kady, then, performed such a feat, invoking a sudden excitement in the atmosphere so as to create a storm, the usual calling card of Persephone, in order to fool Reynard.[5]



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During Welters they wear reddish-brown coloured outfits.


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