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"Okay, where are we exactly?"
"The Neitherlands."
"And that is...?"
"The Neitherlands are sort of the place between all places. It's how you get from A to B.
Penny and Eve[src]

The Neitherlands is a transitional world that contains portals to planets throughout the Multiverse, including Earth and Fillory.


The Neitherlands is a vast, deserted city with an endless number of fountains that serve as portals to other worlds. It was thought to be infinite but it's proven by Penny that it has a limit, but its dimensions limit every possible count.

Book and TV series

In the books, The Neitherlands is a city with fountains that possess a single unique statue in the middle, which is surrounded by tall closed buildings. Each universe has a specific style. Time doesn't pass and it has a sunny atmosphere.

However, in the show, every fountain is similar except for the statue in the middle, and there are no buildings. Instead, The Library is an underground system below the fountains. Time passes slower in the Neitherlands than it does on earth, such as when Penny contacted Quentin from the Neitherlands he discovered that the six hours he spent in the Neitherlands translated to six weeks on earth. The Neitherlands has three moons, as well as a cloudy gray atmosphere.

Another difference between the books and the show is that, in the books, the fountains are filled with black ink while in the show, they are filled with regular water.


  • The Fillory fountain is three squares up and one square left from the Earth fountain.
  • The Poison Room is an original idea from the show.
  • In the books, the Earth's fountain statue was of a great brass lotus, and Fillory's was the statue of Atlas.
  • In the TV show, the statue of Earth's fountain is that of Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth, while Fillory's is a bust of the twin gods Ember and Umber.



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