For the TV character, see TV:Penny.
Biographical Information
Also known as William
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
School Brakebills
Discipline Interdimensional Travel
Organizations The Order

Penny Adiyodi is a student who enters Brakebills at the same time as Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater. He is shown to be one of the three most adept magicians in that year, and begins to study very archaic and untested magic during his time at school. The novel later reveals that his real name is William.

Penny is highly skilled and is shown to be capable of inventing new spells with Alice before the group enters Fillory. Despite his apparent skills, he has a hard time making friends and dislikes the Physicals while at Brakebills.

At the end of the first book, after his hands are bitten off by the beast, he enters the order, does not appear again until the second books.


He is described as slightly shorter than Quentin, initially, but stronger. In the beginning his hair is green, and his skin is a fair complexion.


Penny, in short, is incredibly rude, sarcastic and lonely. To balance out his flaws however, it's shown he is brave enough to go against the Beast and, at least on some level, cares about his friends.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Magical Abilities Edit

Spell Casting - The ability to use magic and cast spells through complex somatic movements.

Personal Abilities Edit

Discipline - Traveler

  • Read minds
  • Travel through space and time
  • Can move objects mentally with generally little to no movement. (This is significant because nearly all spells, including those involving moving objects require some sort of hand-movement. However it is not known if this ability can be associated with his discipline as a Traveler or if it is a self taught one.)
  • Later in The Magicians King it is revealed that Penny can cast without the use of his hands, and that magic does not require the use of your hands.

Note: In the Magician's Land Penny gets new magical hands, that can cast magic several times faster than any normal magician can. They're like glowing rocky gauntlets, and they can physically touch magic.

Note: He was unable to bring people with him as he traveled, but after being taught a spell by Victoria, another traveler, was briefly able to do so, until the Beast cut off his hands and presumably made him powerless.


The MagiciansEdit

Penny first appears during the Brakebills' Entrance Exam. Much to Quentin's surprise, Penny finished the test in just twenty minutes, and passed it. During the first year, Penny was paired up with Quentin and Alice when the three were given the chance to move up early into the second year class. As Alice and Quentin were becoming closer, Penny began to keep to himself and after the test, Penny was the only one of the three who did not make it into the second year class with Alice and Quentin. Later, on he attacked Quentin and while the two were recovering in the infirmary, Penny said he blamed Quentin for not advancing with him and Alice.