Physical is one of the six main Disciplines. Magic within this discipline is centered around the ability to manipulate the nature and properties of matter and energy. The many disciplines that branch from this group allow Magicians to manipulate heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, gravity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

Characteristics Edit

Description Edit

This discipline is the area of magic that focuses on matter and energy. Physical magic is described as gruesome and disgusting by Eliot and Janet when Quentin and Alice are able to get inside the Cottage. It's also the rarest form of discipline, even though being the most obvious.

Specific Disciplines Edit

  • Phosphoromancy: The art of manipulating light. It's said to be a very clean and technical discipline, as Alice stated. This can be used to make yourself invisible, redirected and focused to burn objects, and freeze single photons in mid-air.
    Alice phosphoromancy
  • Mending: An innate skill to repair objects, which is Quentin's discipline in the series. This branches off into Major Mending, the ability to repair objects on a larger scale, and Minor Mending, the repairing of objects on a smaller scale.
  • Temperature Manipulation
    • Cryomancy (aka cold magic): Ice and cold related magical proficiency. This is Janet's discipline. It allowed her to make annimated swans of ice during a party, as well as utilize Sorrow & Sorrow, her twin magical staves.
  • Flight: The ability to levitate, hover, and fly unsupported while having full control over trajectory and velocity. While not inherently a discipline on its own, this ability manifests naturally for Physical Kids, and can be train to varying degrees of proficiency by its user. This was seen throughout the series, notably by Eliot, Janet, Julia and Quentin. Despite it's frequent and casual appearance in the series, unsupported flight (flight without a physical medium) is said to be a major arcanum, requiring a high degree of magical capability.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move things with the mind. While not inherently a discipline on it's own, telekinesis can be trained to varying degrees of proficiency by its user. This form of magic typically manifests first for Physical Kids, as it was the first form of magic both Eliot and Quentin were able to perform in their lives.
  • Portal Creation: A highly technical discipline, this focuses on creating doorways in spacetime between locations as a form of transportation. It's execution can be botched, leaving travelers with a chilling aftereffect when the doorway is incorrectly constructed. This is Josh Hoberman's discipline in the series.

The Brakebills Elite Edit

At Brakebills, students of this discipline are dubbed Physical Kids. They are statistically the rarest of all of the discipline, and therefore are typically very snobby about it. Due to the small amount of Physical students in the series, Quentin gets placed with them for the remainder of his time at Brakebills, but it is eventually explained that his is a more obscure discipline of Physical Magic.

House Edit

A Victorian-era country house, referred to as The Cottage, is the official housing facility for the Physical Kids. It is located towards the outer rim of The Sea, set behind a small band of trees. The Cottage is the closest Discipline house to the Welters field.

Quotes Edit

"You can bend physics to your will, and possess great fortitude of mind, magic, and liver. Contrary to popular belief, mixology is not a formal part of this Discipline." - BrakebillsU

Members Edit

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