Plan B
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Original Air date March 8, 2017
Written by Christina Strain
Directed by Chris Fisher
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Plan B is the seventh episode of the second season of The Magicians. It is also the twentieth episode overall.


Julia and Kady devise a plan and enlist Quentin, Margo, Eliot and Penny for a magical bank heist that could solve each of their problems. Niffin Alice continues to pressure Quentin to set her free.[1]


This episode is essentially "they all get together and rob a bank."

Julia still needs an abortion, and Kady leads her to a Korean exorcist (a "Wudang"), who says the fetus is not human, so what Julia needs is an exorcism, not an abortion. But the Wudang demands a million dollars, in gold. Julia spends most of the episode at Brakebills (Dean Fogg gives her asylum) so she can be behind their wards.

In Fillory, Margo has declared war on Loria, and the kingdom has no money to raise any army. So they need money too.

It turns out that all banks in the Federal Reserve system have magical wards, and all use security systems from companies run by Magicians, and all their vaults have protections against Travelers, and magical alarm systems that summon feared battle magicians.

The group (Julia, Kady, Penny, Margo, the golem of Eliot, and Quentin, with Margo giving most of the orders) successfully defeats the Muggle guards, Muggle security system, magical security system, traveler protection, and battle magician, and get away with several bricks of gold that their target bank had piled on a table in its vault. (The bricks aren't the standard 27-pound gold bars, they are bigger bricks that look to weigh about 200 pounds each, and we see Penny get at least 7 of them, but maybe he's a strong boy.)

Throughout, the niffin of Alice is stuck with Quentin, constantly complaining about him holding onto her, she can't flit around like a niffin. He has not told anyone of her presence, so when he talks to her he looks like he's acting strange. In the bank, the group comes across a lock that needs to be defeated, and quickly or else, and it's beyond anyone's ability but Alice's; Alice's voice (in Quentin's head only) makes an offer: She defeats the lock, and Quentin gives her control of his body for an hour a day. He accepts the deal.

During the fight with the battle mage, the golem of Eliot gets killed. Margo is not concerned, he was expendable. But its death causes the real Eliot in Fillory to go into a coma.

The Wudang had an assistant, who considered Julia's fetus too terrible a threat, so she had early in the episode hired invisible goblins to kill Julia. Julia and Kady defeat them, but along the way the goblins kill Julia's haxenpaxen (which is why Julia stays in Brakebills).

Julia, while hiding at Brakebills, was able to monitor the caper via Kady's vision spell. She was also working on perfecting a device that Richard's group had been working on: A machine that turns time back 15 seconds. It turns out she needs to use it to save them from the battle mage.

(Professor Mayakovsky had asked Penny to find a certain book. At the Library, another Library worker tells Penny that that book had been destroyed by certain other "racist" books.)

At the end, Julia got the abortion ("exorcism") from the Wudang, but Kady says there's a complication.


Penny's hands still can't do magic. There's been no specific mention of Professor Mayakovsky doing anything for them yet.

At the end, when the Golem Eliot dies, Eliot did not get back the Golem's memories. That is for a later episode. For now Eliot is just unconscious.

In "The Flying Forest", Julia and Kady used a spell involving two necklaces and a mirror, that allow the holder of the mirror and one necklace to see what the wearer of the other necklace is seeing. They use it again in this episode.



Guest Starring


  • Tora Kim as Moon
  • Miranda Edwards as Heloise
  • Kathleen Duborg as Rhona
  • Vivian Lanko as Becky
  • Austin Eckert as Librarian Student
  • Greg Delmage as Adam
  • Alison Wandzura as Susie
  • Romuald Hivert as Jimmy
  • Neil Webb as Hipster
  • Jason Burkart as Haxen Paxen


  • Notable Harry Potter references occured during this episode.