"Poppy Kline. Draconologist, postgraduate fellow, and field researcher at your service!"
—Poppy Kline[src]

Poppy Kline is an Australian Draconologist and former Brakebills student, part of the missing Class of 2016, who Quentin stumbles upon during his quest to return magic.


Missing Third Year Class

"So, how did you end up here anyways?"
"Spring Break. Class of 2016. Didn't turn out so well for us, but that's a whole nother story.
Quentin Coldwater and Poppy[src]

Poppy was a member of the missing Third Year class from Brakebills that traveled to Fillory with Victoria Gradley during Spring Break in 2014. After everyone arrived, Victoria was abducted by The Beast, who killed a majority of Poppy's classmates before she escaped. During her time in Fillory, Poppy managed to join the crew of a ship, where they spent two years sailing the seas of Fillory.[1]

Dragon Breeding Ground

"Fieldwork was my thing at Brakebills. And, well, dragons. Love them!"

Midway through their voyage, Poppy and her crewmates stumbled across a dragon treasure-nest, a rare find for draconologists, that way being used as a breeding grounds. Among the treasure found on the island was the Depression Key, one of the seven Golden Keys needed for Quentin's quest to restore magic to the universe.

The key, however, drove all of Poppy's crew to commit suicide due to its properties, and Poppy's voyage was quickly ended with her escaping with the key on a raft, floating within The Abyss.

The Muntjac

"Wait, so what happened to your ship?"
"Oh, wrecked. Off the coast of the Truthwaters. I spent two years on that little Picket and - BAM!- over in an instant.
Quentin and Poppy[src]

During their voyage into The Abyss, Quentin and Benedict Pickwick heard shouts in the distance while surveying their dark surrounding. After boarding the Muntjac, Poppy quickly introduced herself as a fellow Brakebills student, much to Quentin's surprise, and offered to tell her story after a couple of drinks. Poppy briefly told her story, explaining how inconvenient it had been on the raft since the disappearance of magic, to which Quentin explained he was currently on a quest to fix it. The two bonded over their mutual friendship with Josh Hoberman, and, after Quentin passed out from drinking, Poppy quickly passed on the Depression Key to him, thus ridding her of her darker self.


Poppy is a fair-skinned Caucasian woman of average height with bright, wavy red hair. Poppy's body is kept in shape by performing yoga routinely. She primarily dresses in a fashionably-utilitarian style similar to hiking apparel, and always wears her hair down.


"I reject your whole premise. That's all people do: try to change. The realm me is an asshole with no filter. believe me, I tried. Eventually, I realized.the brave thing is to be you and accept the consequences."

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Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: As a Brakebills student, Poppy is a classically trained Magician, possessing an intrinsic understanding of Circumstance and able to perform a multitude of magical feats. Due to the loss of magic throughout the universe, Poppy was temporarily unable to access the magic of the Wellspring before Quentin Coldwater and his friends reactivated the source of magic within Castle Blackspire.


  • Gifted Intellect: Poppy is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, Poppy possesses at least an Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to utilize the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world.
    • Multilingual: Poppy, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spellcasting.
  • Skilled Draconologist: To be added

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