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Professor Mayakovsky
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Professor
School Brakebills South

Professor Mayakovsky is a powerful magician who was reassigned to Brakebills South.



Mayakovsky was a grumpy, often angry and secluded person. The way he taught and pushed the fourth years to their limits could easily border on abuse. Even though he was a very mean person every time he appeared in the books-can be explained by his exile and loneliness-he sometimes showed warmth towards Quentin and helped him when he needed it. Altough these moments were rare, Quentin was gratefull for him after he returned to Brakebills South with Plum and recieved the three golden coins from him.

Magic and Abilities

Basic Magical Abilities

Spell Casting - The ability to use magic and cast spells through complex somatic movements.

Personal Abilities

Mayakovsky is a very powerfull magician. It's also hinted that he is one of the strongest magicians of the time period, but no one knows about his skills and inventions because he made them in his exile in Brakebills South and never showed them to anyone. He is certainly the strongest magician we meet in the whole story.

In The Magician's Land it's revealed that he created a lot of inventions and recreated treasures from fairy tails. Some of these are:

  • The seven league boots
  • A Goose that lays golden eggs
  • A piano that plays by itself and builds the song based on the listener. Quentin had to beg for Mayakovsky to stop it, because he was breaking down in tears from the beauty of the music that the piano played for him.

He also managed to store huge amounts of energy in 3 golden coins-> Enough power to potentionally break an Incorporate Bond and create a small, though defect, Magical Land and with the proper spell, restore a niffin into it's human self.


It is rumored that Mayakovsky taught at the main Brakebills campus until he had a relation with a female student. After he stopped seeing the student, she attempted to gain his attention by casting a spell on herself to make herself more beautiful. The spell did not work and caused her to look disfigured. The boy she was seeing, Charlie Quinn (Alice Quinn's brother), attempted to restore her but lost control of the magic and died. The professors ended up learning about what happened, Mayakovsky was able to restore her to a decent form, and was given the choice to either retire in disgrace or transfer to Brakebills South.

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