Psychic is the Discipline regarding the mind as a whole.

Characteristics Edit

Description Edit

The Psychic discipline is the area of magic that understands and manipulates the mind as a whole, and possibly the spirit as well.

Specific DisciplinesEdit

Mind-related Disciplines:

  • Telepathy: Reading the thoughts of others. It's possible to send thoughts as well, like The Beast did to Penny in different planes.
  • Mind Control: Controlling the behavior of others, through direct command. It is a common trait among deities and demigods, which might do it with perceiving it. Mind control might be limited by psychic wards set by advanced magicians, however more powerful beings have been known to bypass them.
  • Memory Magic: A specific strain of psychic magic that deals with accessing memories and manipulating them. Marina altered Julia's memory of her assault by Reynard. At Brakebills, there's a group of employees that use this kind of magic to replace memories of people who fail the exam.
  • Dream Manipulation: The ability to enter and change, the dreams of others and communicate with them. It's a common hazing prank between Psychics, and something Penny used multiple times to communicate with Quentin and Margo.

Disciplines regarding Planes of Existence:

  • Traveling : The rare skill to move between places or planes. This is Penny's discipline but others can acquire this ability after years of study, such as Martin Chatwin and Professor Sunderland.
    • Astral Projection: A method of Travelling that works through binding your body to the physical plane with a tattooed sigil, and letting your mind wonder around. This also exists as a discipline itself, as a member of the League possessed and utilized this ability to prank a student at Brakebills in The Magician's Land.
  • Plane Creation: The creation of a mental plane for one to dwell. Julia was able to enter a psychic plane while at a rehabilitation faculty with the help of Richard Corrigan, performing a benevolent version of Scarlotti's Web. The plane existed in the mind of one of Richard's patients, a magician who had become catatonic, and was able to be manipulated by the magician who created it, as she could control who had access to it. Prior to this, Julia helped to create a prison inside od her friend's mind utilizing the same spell with Marina.

Spiritual-based Disciplines:

  • Premonition: This discipline was mentioned by Professor Sunderland while testing Quentin in The Magician King, and is presumably the ability to see into the future by touching objects that relate to the future you're seeing.
  • Divination: The ability to predict the future with the help of crystals, Tarot cards, etc.


Travelers are magicians whose Psychic discipline consists of reading minds and transport themselves (alone or accompanied by others) to different locations on Earth, and into different planes and dimensions. It's worth noting that this area of magic is regarded as the most powerful, knowledgeable and dangerous of them all, meaning that the ones possessing it need to have a lot of training to achieve full control.

Astral Projection is commonly used as a safer method of Traveling, with most Travelers binding their body to one world with an Anchoring sigil and letting their spirit wonder, instead of actually moving, body and mind, to different locations due to the risk involved with it. A Traveler with enough experience can separate their mind from their physical form in order to Astral Project without the use of the Anchoring sigil.

House Edit

Their house is currently unspecified, although in the show it's showcased as an alcove with yoga furniture and meditation chambers. Their students are called Psychics at Brakebills, and they are seen as both depressed goths obsessed with death, always around the fountains, and hippy-like, dressed in shawls and using drugs to further their psychic experiences.

Quotes Edit

"You hear voices, and no, you're not insane (at least not for that reason). Fair warning, older Psychics sometimes "inception" first years as a hazing prank." - BrakebillsU

Members Edit

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