Quentin's Sword
General Information
Status Active
Current location Fillory
Type Silver sword able to kill gods
Usage Information
Created by Quentin Coldwater
Used by Quentin Coldwater
Used for Killing deities
First Appearance The Magicians
Last Appearance The Magician's Land

Quentin's Sword is a magical sword summoned by Quentin Coldwater, twice throughout the series.


The sword is made of silver that burns with white and bright flames.


Quentin's sword was summoned the first time by him, in the pratical exams to enter Brakebills. After doing the written exam, and being exhausted by all Brakebills' professors with tests, Quentin was forced by a drunk Dean Fogg to execute real magic. The seventeen year-old starts to play of his stage magic tricks, which infuriates Henry, who proceeds to physically assault him. Quentin reacts with anger, and recites a spell that created a house of cards and made a stack of nickels turn into a sword, he uses to stab the dean's table.

The sword is not ever again mentioned until the last book, and the location of the item between the Brakebills' exam and the second appearance is not determined.

When Quentin summons it for the second time, he desires to kill Ember, but is not able to do so, because the only way he knew how to kill a God was with the knife that Asmodeus had stolen from Rupert Chatwin's suitcase. In a last attempt, he stacks a pile of nickles that had previously appeared in the mirror-world he had created with Plum, and on top of those he puts the last Mayakovsky's coin. The pile becomes the same sword he had invocked before, and with it, he beheads both Ember and Umber, enabling him to become Fillory's God.

After his time as a God, Quentin stucked it in Fillory's ground, noting that, if he wanted to, he'd probably be able to summon it again.