Original Air date April 12, 2017
Written by David Reed & Christina Strain
Directed by Chris Fisher
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Ramifications is the twelfth episode of the second season of The Magicians. It is also the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Quentin tries to bring Alice back to life with Mayakovsky's help, and Julia and Kady get unexpected support from Senator Gaines. Eliot seeks a new portal back to Fillory while Penny finds access to the Poison Room.[1]



Quentin and Julia (carrying Alice's Shade inside her) go to Brakebills South to consult with Professor Mayakovsky, who says no one has ever brough a niffin back to life. Quentin says, with Alice's Shade, the mathematics all works. The effort would require the energy of "100 Master Magicians", but Mayakovsky has batteries of magic. He is reserving them for the future, but they browbeat him enough for his support.

They work together on the spell, which uses a few of Mayakovsky's batteries. Quentin extracts Alice's Shade from inside Julia, they do another spell, the niffin of Alice is there also, then after another spell the two Alice's flash, and a human Alice is back. She is not pleased to be human again. Quentin's presence is sufficiently unsetting to her that Mayakovsky tells Quentin to be elsewhere for a few days.

Alice spends days feverishly researching and making notes, which Mayakovsky checks and considers well done. Alice says as a niffin she understood everything, but now it's fading like a dream. She says she can't do magic, and Mayakovsky says she's newborn again, she must learn again. She is very down on and dismissive of humans.


Penny and Sylvia discuss how to get into the Poison Room. Sylvia says the door they see is a portal to another world, and above in the Neitherlands there are fountains to every world. (She comments that she's heard from the senior librarians that all of the books of living people just stop, ending with twenty blank pages; the librarians call it the Great Blank Spot, some portent of a cataclysm arriving in a few weeks, they are moving all of the librarians' books into the Poison Room.)

They find the right fountain in the Neitherlands, and go down into the world of the Poison Room. It looks like a dusty, cluttered basement. They search, and Penny finds the book he's looking for, but then notices that he has what look like burns or rashes on his arms. He tells Sylvia to get out fast. She fails to make it out. He Travels.

Eliot and QuentinEdit

Eliot meets Quentin and says he thinks he got banished from Fillory. In the Fillory books, that happened to the characters all the time as each adventure was complete, Eliot asks for the button to return to Fillory, but Quentin has to say he bargained it away to get Alice's Shade.

They discuss Quentin's talk with the dragon. One thing she said was that the "first portal" was still open; they speculate that it might be Stonehenge, but then realize it probably means the clock in the Chatwin house that the characters in the books first used to get to Fillory. Quentin thinks that he saw that very clock in the apartment where he went to his Yale interview (in "Unauthorized Magic"), it looked just like what's on the book covers. The interviewer died, so perhaps they sold the clock off.

Quentin and Eliot visit the man who bought the clock at auction, it turns out that he's a great fan of Fillory, his house is full of Fillory memorabilia, it's almost a museum. Eliot gets curious about the man and does a magical scrying, and discovers that the man has horns like Ember. The man snaps his fingers and shows himself: he's Umber, supposedly dead god of Fillory.

Umber says he had made a deal with Martin Chatwin, to fake his own death. (Ember is a lecherous drunk, but Umber is clearly a calm, rational designer.) Umber has turned his back on Fillory, and is designing a new world, he has a pocket version of it, and is glad to get the inputs of Quentin and Eliot to make it perfect. Eliot says they have a kingdom to fix, but Umber says the kings were never intended to fix Fillory, they were there just to entertain the gods.

Fillory depends on balance, and when Ember and Umber where together, there was balance. Without Umber, chaos reins, and Fillory cannot be ruled. Ember alone is hard to manage, he plays with animals, when he's hungry he talks about turning people into rats. (Eliot: He's doing that now.) They convince Umber to let them have the clock, but he warns them that nothing really entertains Ember.


In Fillory, Josh is now the only known Earth person there, which makes him High King. He destroys the cursed thrones and has another one made. He is not so much into ruling and more into getting stoned. While stoned (on something that lets him see other worlds), he gets a vision of Margo who is stuck in the fairy realm. Margo complains why Josh isn't looking for her, and tells him to find Rafe who should be able to get her back.

Rafe says he only has a potion to go from Fillory to the fairy realm, but not the reverse. Josh swallows the potion and vanishes.

Julia and KadyEdit

Julia meets Kady at the Cottage. Julia says she almost got her Shade back but lost it, but she realized that she doesn't really need it, with the right help and supervision she can do good, and she wants Kady to be her guide to tell her when to put on the brakes. Kady is grumpy but accepts it, and she needs Julia to deal with John Gaines.

They meet with John Gaines, who passes on what Reynard said about Our Lady Underground: he seems obsessed with her, they were together but she left him, and he's angry, so he does evil to her followers specifically. Julia recalls seeing the painting of Persephone in the Underworld, that told her that Persephone was Our Lady Underground; perhaps if we do something to suggest to Reynard that Persephone was here, he would come.

In Washington, John Gaines is visited by Reynard. Reynard gives him a jewel box containing John's wife's ear, all that is left of her. Reynard wants John to forget about her and embrace what he really is.

Julia and Kady research and find that storms and lightning were seen every time Persephone ascended from the Underworld, which hasn't happened in decades; they think if they kick up a big enough of a storm, Reynard will think Persephone is there. John Gaines walks in, uses his inherent mind control to get Julia out of the Cottage, and tells Kady she needs to do something for him.

When Julia comes back, she finds Kady bloody and stunned: at his insistence, she killed John to collect his power.

At this point, Penny Travels in from the Poison Room, and gives Kady the book she needed: "The Art of Killing Gods." Penny gets taken to the Brakebills Infirmary, where they clear out the ward due to his radiation.

Julia does a spell she found, that takes the energy extracted from John and makes a bullet that can kill a god, but there was only enough to make one.

Julia and Kady in a countryside do spells to surround the area with violent storms. Reynard appears, calling out to Persephone. Kady distracts him while Julia tries to get a good shot at him, at which point the wind stops, Reynard is frozen, Kady is frozen, but Our Lady Underground is standing there.

Julia complains to her for ignoring all of their calls to her, and asks why she's here all of a sudden? Our Lady Underground says Reynard is her son, and asks for Julia not to kill him, she will deal with him. Our Lady says there are consequences for killing a god, and Julia is still capable of mercy. Our Lady touches Reynard and they disappear. Kady is angry that Julia didn't kill Reynard, because she killed John for this. Then Julia's Shade shows up: "Our Lady sent me."



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