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Rupert John Chatwin
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relatives Martin Chatwin (older brother)
Fiona Chatwin (older sister)
Helen Chatwin (younger sister)
Jane Chatwin (younger sister)
Maude (aunt)
Plum Purchas (great-granddaughter)
Physical Information
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier

Rupert John Chatwin was the youngest boy among the Chatwin Children. He later died as a soldier in World War II.


Rupert Chatwin was one of the rulers of Fillory, the youngest among the Chatwings, the brother of Martin, Fiona, Helen and Jane. He claimed that his stroy was unfairly neglected in Polver's books about Fillory, which he explained with the fact that he was less handsome than his brother, Martin. Therefore, he wasn't a good story material.

Rupert and Fiona were the only ones among the Chatwins, who believed in Ember and Umber in Fillory, and in Jesus Christ on Earth (Jane, Helen and Martin refused to believe in a god who had never gave them castles, nor showed them magical gardens).

Rupert considered himself unworthy to the miracle of Fillory: according to him, he wasn't particularly brave, clever or good. He was troubled by the question that why Ember and Umber chose them among millions of other children.