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Season 2
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Episode Count 13
Original Run January 25, 2017 - TBA
Premiere Knight of Crowns
Finale TBA
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Season 2 of The Magicians consists of 13 episodes.[1] It premiered on January 25, 2017.[2]


Based on the bestselling novels from Lev Grossman, Syfy’s hit drama THE MAGICIANS centers on Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) and his 20-something friends as they discover their magical abilities at Brakebills University, a secret grad school specializing in magic. While there, they come to the realization that the fantasies they read about as children are all too real, and unwittingly invite a malevolent entity from the other side into their lives. Heading into Season 2, this group of unlikely heroes have been thrust into even more dangerous and unfamiliar territory, and must draw upon their novice skills to defeat a threat that could destroy the magical world itself. Driven by power, revenge and survival, they learn that those who entered the hauntingly beautiful world of Fillory will never be the same as those who leave.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


# Title Original Airdate Writer(s) Director
1 Knight of Crowns January 25, 2017 Sera Gamble Chris Fisher
In the aftermath of their clash with The Beast, Quentin and his friends scramble for a new plan; Julia and The Beast strike a dangerous deal.
2 Hotel Spa Potions February 1, 2017 John McNamara Chris Fisher
Quentin, Alice, Penny and Margo seek a new weapon; Eliot struggles with being king; Julia and The Beast find an unexpected ally.
3 Divine Elimination February 8, 2017 Henry Alonso Myers John Scott
Quentin and friends prepare to face The Beast again; Julia conspires with The Beast and their new ally to lure and trap Reynard.
4 The Flying Forest February 15, 2017 David Reed Carol Banker
Quentin and Penny embark on a quest; Margo works on a way to help Eliot; Julia seeks an old friend's help.
5 Cheat Day February 22, 2017 Mike Moore Joshua Butler
Quentin adjusts to his new life; Penny seeks help from an unexpected source; Eliot and Margo contend with the dangers of ruling; Julia and Kady discover another consequence of Reynard's attack.
6 The Cock Barrens March 1, 2017 Noga Landau Kate Woods
7 Plan B March 8, 2017 Christina Strain Chris Fisher
8 Word as Bond March 15, 2017 TBA TBA
9 Lesser Evils March 22, 2017 TBA TBA
10 The Girl Who Told Time March 29, 2017 TBA TBA
11 The Rattening April 5, 2017 TBA TBA
12 Ramifications April 12, 2017 TBA TBA
13 We Have Brought You Little Cakes April 19, 2017 TBA TBA


Promotional Videos


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