Sorrow & Sorrow
General Information
Status Active
Type Magical Weapon
Usage Information
Created by Fillorians
Owned by Foremost (former)
Janet Pluchinsky
Used by Foremost (former)
Janet Pluchinsky
Used for Magical Focus
First Appearance The Magician's Land
Last Appearance The Magician's Land

Sorrow & Sorrow is a pair of twin magical staffs that can turn into makeshift axes used by Janet Pluchinsky in Fillory. Janet calls both staffs Sorrow as she can't tell them apart.


Sorrow & Sorrow is made of a strong, lightweight black metal. When struck against something, the metal emits blue sparks. The metal is unique in that it acts as a focus for magic, able to amplify magical disciplines when in use.

In combat, using her cryomancy, Janet is able to form axe heads made of ice on the ends of her staves, utilizing them in combat.

Janet guesses the metal came from a meteorite that struck Fillory years ago and was passed down by members of Foremost's village to the next generation.


Sorrow & Sorrow was originally a spear owned by Foremost that Janet liberates from the former after she defeated him during the events of The Magician King. After obtaining it, Janet swiftly snapped the spear in half, creating the two "staffs".