For the book character, see Alice Quinn.
"Poor little magic girl"
Eliot Waugh on Alice
Alice Quinn
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Biographical Information
Also known as Queen Alice
The Wise
Status Alive
Age 23[1]
Relatives Charlie Quinn (brother) †
Stephanie Quinn (mother)
Daniel Quinn (father)
Genji (aunt)
Physical Information
Race Earth Human
Niffin (former)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student
Queen of Fillory
School Princeton University[1] (former)
Discipline Group Physical
Discipline Phosphoromancy
Portrayed by Olivia Taylor Dudley
First Appearance Unauthorized Magic
Last Appearance We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Alice Quinn is a talented and natural magician whom Quentin meets while attending Brakebills. She holds the title: Queen Alice, The Wise given by Eliot in Fillory.


Born into the Quinn family, a family well renown for their magical prowess, Alice is an extremely talented magician, far more advanced than most of her classmates. After being admitted to Brakebills, having tracked down and forced her way in, Alice begins to research her brother, Charlie, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. In doing so, Alice, with the aid of Quentin, Penny, and Kady, reveal themselves to the Beast, a malevolent entity from the magical world of Fillory, the previously believed fictional setting of a famous book series. Alice soon begins to enter a relationship with Quentin while at Brakebills South, due to not-so-subtle prompting by Professor Mayakovsky. In the wake of the Beast’s attack Alice, along with the rest of the Physical Kids, begin an expedition to Fillory,  She holds the title: Queen Alice, The Wise given by Eliot in Fillory.


Alice is a rather classy dressed girl to go with her smarts with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, she also wears glasses and a necklace that looks like an old-fashioned pocket watch.


Alice is a quiet girl when Quentin first meets her, and is shy around others. She begins to open up around others as she tries to find out what happened to her brother Charlie. On occasion, her indifferent facade breaks and she is easily capable of being mad, such as when Quentin cheated on her by having an emotion-induced threesome with Margo and Eliot or when the possibility of bringing back her brother was gone. Like her brother, she can be reckless about using dangerous magic and when she's uncomfortable, she tends to isolate herself.

As a Niffin, due to lacking her shade and thus her sense of morality and empathy, Alice is much more devious and deadly, as well as knowledgeable about the complex laws of magic. Due to this, she made significant rivals.

When restored, Alice displayed a hatred of her humanity, as she enjoyed being a Niffin. She also had frustration with her weakened powers and human needs. Sometime after magic vanished, however, she seems to have made peace with her new life and has returned to Brakebills.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit


Alice casting the Rhinemann Ultra.

  • Magician: Alice is a prestigious magician and is known to be studious, with her possessing knowledge over a variety of magical fields and praxis. Alice's magic is stronger than most of her classmates, making her fear her own magic, as she stated that she doesn't even know her own limits, causing her to hold back whenever she uses it. She's demonstrated some of her advanced skill by animating objects, manipulating light, and performing rudimentary battle magic, even though she hadn't had mastery over her emotions, a key requirement. She was made even more powerful when she consumed Ember's 'Essence', giving her power equivalent of a master magician. While Alice was still affected by the major boost, she decided to test her limits, growing a seed to a fully grown tree in a matter of seconds on her own. Her abilities are increased even more as a Niffin, allowing her to kill the Beast with her bare hands, but upon being restored as a human, her magic is significantly weaker. As a human, Alice still retained her knowledge that she obtained while she was a Niffin, though she was not powerful enough to perform spells, as Mayakovsky referred to her as being an infant in relation to her magical ability. This knowledge, however, is fleeting, as Alice's human mind cannot comprehend the complexity of the elements she had been exposed to, so she spent her first few days trying to write down everything she could before the knowledge was gone completely.
    • Phosphoromancy: Alice's discipline allows her to manipulate light to a multitude of effects, from concentrating it to burn objects such as when she carved a hole in a wooden door, to bending it in order to make things invisible such as her hand or her friends while they were in the Neitherlands.
    • Battle Magic: Due to the looming threat on The Beast, Alice and her friends taught themselves battle magic with a little help from Kady. As battle magic normally requires years to master, a key element being complete control over one's emotions, they took the shortcut to quicken the process which was bottling up their emotions - though Alice and Penny decided not to use this method after a while. When Alice got a major power upgrade from Ember's 'Essence', Alice could cast the Rhinemann Ultra, a battle magic spell that could only be used by master magicians. However, after Alice's boost ran out, she was unable to finish the spell and it overpowered her, transforming her into a Niffin.
    • Interdimensional Travel: When Alice became a Niffin, her power grew exponentially, allowing her to travel anywhere throughout the universe. With Alice being human again, she has lost this ability, as her magic is substantially weakened from the transformation.
  • Gifted Intellect: Alice is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, she possesses at least an Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world.
    • Multilingual: Alice, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spell casting.


  • The role of Alice was originally set to be portrayed by Sosie Bacon before she was replaced by Olivia Taylor Dudley.[2]
  • Alice is technically a hedge witch, as her magic was self-taught before she reached Brakebills.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1

Season 2


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