Charlie Quinn
Biographical Information
Status Deceased
Relatives Alice Quinn (younger sister)
Daniel Quinn (father)
Stephanie Quinn (mother)
Physical Information
Race Earth Human (former)
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Student
School Brakebills
Discipline Group Physical
Portrayed by Ben Esler
First Appearance Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting

Charles "Charlie" Quinn was the older brother of Alice Quinn, firstborn son of Daniel and Stephanie Quinn. Before his untimely death, he was a promising student at Brakebills.


During the school years to Brakebills, he became a friend of Emily Greenstreet and the two spent much time together. Emily attempted a dangerous spell to become more beautiful in order to win back the attentions of a professor. As she attempted to commit suicide, Charlie went after and tried to reverse the damage. Despite Emily's pleading to stop, Charlie kept going and was consumed by magic entirely. Emily's face was then fixed by the professor and she gave up magic. Because Charlie's death was covered up, his younger sister snuck into Brakebills for the entrance exam to gain access to the school and figure out what happened.

Charlie was then summoned by Alice, who was determined to transform his energy into matter, but could not handle her brother's powerful magic. To save her, Quentin bound him into a box, locking him away for good.


Charlie was a boy with blue eyes and red hair cut short and slicked up. His round face expressed sympathy and his look was fairly neutral, wearing pants, shirts and hoodies. After becoming a Niffin, his eyes became bright blue.


Charlie was a nice and friendly guy, always ready to help his friends. Whenever his sister Alice was down in the dumps, he always knew how to make her laugh. Following his death and transformation into Niffin, Charlie's humanity was consumed and when summoned by his sister, expressed no empathy and attempted to kill her.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Charlie was a promising magician, skilled to learn complicated spells and run them quite easily. His House of Emphasis was Physical.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1


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