For the book character, see Christopher Plover.
Christopher Plover
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Biographical Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male

Christopher Plover is the author of the Fillory and Further series. He lived in Cornwall, England. 


Christopher Plover and his sister were caretakers to the Chatwin children. After discovering Fillory, the children would share with Plover the stories of their adventures, and Plover eventually wrote and published them. Plover repeatedly sexually abused Martin Chatwin and was ultimately the reason for Martin giving up his shade and becoming the Beast.

Christopher Plover supposedly died in 1939, having been killed by Martin Chatwin. Plover was later revealed to be alive after he was released from captivity in the dungeons of the invisible castle. He had been kept alive with Martin’s non-ageing spell.

Plover presumably died after the Beast was killed as the latter’s magic was keeping him alive. Plover also could have died after magic was shut off. He has not been seen or mentioned since the Beast's death.


Likes to sexually abuse young men. For example he abused Martin within the series.